[ALERT] The FDA banned WHAT?

I always try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. But I really don’t understand why people buy and eat the things they do.

Despite inherently knowing these foods can’t possibly be good for you, many opt to consume them anyway.

I mean, don’t the colors and ingredient labels on these items give you the heebie-jeebies?

That’s what happens to me whenever I decide to mosey around in a supermarket… it’s astonishing that half this crap is still available for consumption!

Well, perhaps the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is finally catching on…

Damages vital organs

Recently, the FDA proposed banning the use of brominated vegetable oil due to potential health risks to the liver, heart, and brain.

This “food” ingredient has been widely used in sports drinks and sodas for decades. Particularly in items containing citrus flavoring—like Gatorade and Mountain Dew—to keep ingredients from separating.

And get this… it also contains bromine, an element found in flame retardants.

Yes, please re-read those statements.

Because it flat out means we’ve been consuming poison for YEARS.

Not to mention, these items attract YOUNG consumers. No wonder our younger generations are suffering from concerning health conditions more than ever before!

When will we wake up and realize that chemicals are POISONS that have no right being in our food!?

A toxic threat

The FDA based this recent decision after studies found brominated vegetable oil is a TOXIC THREAT to the thyroid, a gland that plays a key role in regulating blood pressure, heart rate, and metabolism.

But wait, this whole story gets even better…

In 1970, the FDA removed the ingredient off the list of substances “Generally Recognized as Safe and Effective” due to concerns it could cause harm to the body. WHAT? So, for 53 years—half a century—this substance, not thought to be safe, was in our food supply?!

Now, even though many large beverage brands, including Coca-Cola and Pepsi, have already stopped using the ingredient, it’s still being used in smaller grocery store brands AND some popular regional brands, like Sun Drop citrus-flavored soda.

And with the cost of inflation, I bet many people are reaching for these off-brand varieties. Which leaves me screaming—when will the regulatory agencies start making the health and lives of consumers a priority over their bottom line!?

Because guess who already bans the use of brominated vegetable oil? The European Union and Japan—civilized countries that CARE for the health of their populations more than the U.S. ever will.

And before you run and say that you can’t afford to buy food and drinks that are chemical-free, even small changes will help. Always check those ingredient labels—or better yet, shop the perimeter of your grocery store.

Then when it comes to drinks, why not start with plain water?

I always drink water and yes, that’s a choice. It’s bland and boring. And sure, I’d love to drink something a little tastier. But is it really worth consuming countless, dangerous chemicals?

For me, I’ve made the decision that my health is more important than a chemical-laden soft drink. Plus, the only way Big Food will change is if we demand it by not buying what they are selling. I encourage you to join me in this fight.

Start small—the rewards will be big.


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