America’s favorite NUT does THIS?

Nuts are one of my all-time favorite snacks—especially when I’m on the go.

It’s so easy to grab a handful and continue with my day.

Not only does this habit satisfy hunger pangs… it also provides ample nutrition.

And now, research shows reaching for America’s favorite nut might just be the anti-aging SKIN remedy you’ve been waiting for.

Tiny but mighty

Almonds are a fan-favorite health food.

But they haven’t been in the spotlight for quite a while. That’s why I was pleased to stumble upon a review article looking at the science behind them.

Some of the details are well-known. For example, almonds—and almond oil—have anti-inflammatory, anti-hepatotoxicity (hepatotoxicity is damage to the liver caused by drugs and other toxins), and immunity-boosting activity.

They also contain high levels of known antioxidants, like phenols and polyphenols, fatty acids, and vitamin E.

So, it’s really no surprise that almonds have a positive impact on lipids, like triglycerides and cholesterol. Or that they pack a BIG nutritional punch.

But did you know they have radiant effects on our skin, too?

Skincare secrets

Almond oil can work as an emollient or sclerosing agent—helping with skin tone and complexion. It might even help protect against photoaging (skin damage caused by the sun).

And in most medical practice, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, it has been used to treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Plus, a 2018 study analyzed the effects of an over-the-counter sweet almond oil on hand dermatitis. Turns out, when combined with colloidal oatmeal—one of my favorite skincare treatments—the almond oil offered significant relief to moderate-to-severe sufferers.

But wait, there’s more…

Separate studies found that participants who consumed 20 percent of their caloric intake from almonds experienced:

  • A significant drop in wrinkle severity
  • A 20 percent reduced rate of facial pigment intensity

Plus, a 2022 review found promising skincare results for both adult and young skin, particularly in bolstering skin integrity, recovery, and lipid ratio.

And in yet another 2022 study, almond oil was used effectively in an herbal sunscreen, due to its protective properties against ultraviolet (UV) rays.

The incredible, edible… almond?

Folks, almonds and almond oil have been used as food and in traditional medical practices dating back several centuries. And science backs its versatile healing properties—including for dermatologic purposes.

And of course, it’s one snack that will ALWAYS get the green light from me. YUM-O!


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