Better Late Than Never

So I was on my way to a different health food store in my neighborhood –  I usually go to Whole Foods but as you now know what I feel about that place, I opted for a store I don’t particularly like but at least they don’t pretend to be something they are not.  They are there to sell some basic items – I needed some nuts for something I am making for dinner tonight and nutritional supplements to gullible people like this woman in front of me in line who was buying raspberry ketone because the great and powerful Oz said it would help her lose weight.  You know how I feel about him already so enough said – when did he become a diet doctor I wonder.

Speaking of diets, don’t you love how Lauren Manzo is having a serious struggle with her weight? And she goes to see yet another dubious diet doctor, Perricone of the skin care line – what the two have to do with each other is beyond me but I guess there are gullible people in the world and a doctor to take advantage of that.  But the best part is how her family is relatively unsupportive. Caroline has basically given up and feels bad for her because her two sons are so much better looking and don’t worry about their weight.  Well, let me say one, well, two things, Christopher has a beer belly as most straight New Jersey guys of his age might and Albie – well let’s just say her motivation is a bit different – allegedly.

So, I am on my way to buy nuts and I walk smack dab into the middle of a movie set.  My neighborhood is always crawling with trailers, cameras, etc. but this time I felt like I was back on theParamount lot. They were filming in someone’s apartment because they had all of these cranes and booms and the street was lit so well from above – but again, not the point of my story.  The point is that whenever I am on these sets or pass by them, the catering trucks are filled to capacity with junk food – kinda turns my stomach but I guess that’s what crew guys like to eat.  But this one was completely different.

Paramount Healthy Food Set

There were nuts, cheeses, vegetables, seeds – I couldn’t have catered it better myself – well I probably could have but this was a huge leap for them. The movie studios may have been a little late to the table but they are getting there.  Also, a big shout out to Mayor Bloomberg for setting a ban on soda drinks larger than 16 ounces.  He is taking a lot of heat from the American Beverage Association but hey sugar kills more people than tobacco and alcohol and those are banned and regulated and taxed enormously (as they should)

Since I didn’t have time to write a blog last week, I am also going to be accused of being better late than never because I simply must comment on the season finale of American Idol.  It was such a train wreck. I was sitting there watching and Phillip Phillips was singing and if I closed by eyes, I would have sworn it was Coldplay and after his performance, Jennifer Lopez stood up and said he sounded like no one else.  But that’s not the best part – Fantasia – my favorite tragic AI alumnus – had great pieces but was she on crack – oh she couldn’t have been because then she would have been skinny. The years and the lawsuits have not been kind to her nor to Chaka Khan – the legend and I love her but she came on stage and screamed and I loved that she couldn’t walk down the steps.  Don’t you love it when celebrities don’t know when it’s time to just stay home!

So, bottom line is that it is never too late to get healthy, or to start trying or to start again.  I don’t care how many attempts it may take to get healthy eating habits to stick – just keep trying and one day with enough consistency – you’ll get it right.

Best season finale line of the year goes to Cougar Town when Ellie says to Laurie: “your dress is so short, I can see your IUD.” So glad that show has been renewed although not by ABC.

On to summer – Teen Wolf, RHONY, Mob Wives:Chicago, The Glee Project and of course, True Blood.

One last thing be sure to tune into my friend Barret Swatek’s show called Awkward – season premiere later this month. My friend Heidi’s show also airs this month so will give you a heads up about both of them so leave room on your DVR.