Breast cancer-contributing chemicals? [URGENT ALERT]

Remember earlier this week when I told you about how France is investigating the health risks of endocrine-disrupting chemicals?

And how they uncovered links between them and our reproductive health, our metabolic health, and more?

Well, according to new research published in Environmental Health Perspectives—and you may want to sit down for this one—there are 921 chemicals that we live with…

That pose risks for breast cancer, to boot.

A known connection

Yes, you read that correctly…

Almost 1,000 chemicals have been identified.

And the list is “interesting”—because when you dive into it, researchers identified 279 chemicals that are KNOWN to be carcinogenic to breast tissue. That’s right…

We KNOW they can cause cancer and yet they’re still allowed!

(Could this be why 1 in 8 women in this country will get breast cancer in their lifetime?)

The list also includes 642 chemicals that alter the body’s hormones. That means the chemicals increase production of estrogen or progesterone, which also pose a heightened breast cancer risk.

(Yep, we’re talking about those endocrine disrupting chemicals again, click here to read more).

When will we say: enough is enough? Why do regulators just not get it? And why are they so willing to put our lives at risk so Big Corporations can profit?

Because there’s a difference between not knowing something… and knowing something.

We KNOW the risks and, therefore, there’s just no excuse.

Stay focused and aware

At the end of the day, my hope is that with research like this, the findings will eventually help guide regulators, product formulators, and consumers.

People are already starting to catch on by choosing which chemicals they want to expose themselves to. (Many use the Environmental Working Group,, as a resource.)

Because trust me, there’s no escaping them. You just have to make an educated choice about exposure. And hopefully, that will get easier as more information is revealed.

Then, if we’re willing to do something about it, we may just have the power to prevent unnecessary deaths and illnesses, like those related to breast cancer.

And if you think you aren’t being exposed, think again…

According to the researchers, a whopping 90 percent of the chemicals identified are currently found in consumer products like food, medication, pesticides, and cosmetics.

What a disgrace!

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