Burn fat EASIER (no “fuel” required!)

Tell me… do you eat before a workout to “fuel up?”

If you answered “yes,” you’ll want to listen up.

Because a recent study revealed how you can DOUBLE your body’s fat-burning potential… no “fuel” required!

Exercise before breakfast

In the first phase of this study, researchers asked 12 sedentary and overweight or obese men to engage in 90 minutes of moderate cycling, either before or after breakfast.

Their meal was 65 percent carbohydrates. And if you managed to make it through that sentence without laughing, you’re a more forgiving audience than I.

(I mean, honestly… I don’t know what they expected to happen when subjects ate so many carbs in one meal.)

Here’s what they found: blood sugar and insulin levels were both significantly higher in patients who exercised after breakfast.

Now, let’s take a look at what exercising before breakfast can do…

During the second half of this study, 30 overweight or obese men either exercised before a carb-rich breakfast, after a carb-rich breakfast, or not at all for six weeks. And researchers found that men who exercised first burned double the fat.

Not only that, but working out before breakfast increased insulin responsiveness dramatically. And participants showed higher increases in key muscle proteins—especially those involved in glucose transport.

All it took was a little exercise on an empty stomach.

Making workouts more efficient

I’ve personally never felt the need to eat before a workout. And I’ve noticed that my workouts improve because of it. And really, why wouldn’t they?
So-called “carb loading” might be useful for already-lean marathon runners. But for the average person sweating it out at the gym in order to drop a few pounds, it’s completely counterproductive—as this research so clearly illustrates.

And let’s face it: People don’t like to exercise.

So figuring out how to make any workout the most efficient it can be—in the hopes that people will actually see an improvement quickly and therefore be more inclined to stick with it—is vitally important.

Exercising after an overnight fast is one easy way to achieve this goal—at least for obese and overweight patients who aren’t already active. And since breakfast is overrated anyway, it’s just one more reason to postpone your steak and eggs.

Until next week,
Dr. Fred


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