Candy Couture

I wish I had thought of that phrase but it was really Michael Kors on Project Runway.  As you know I am a big fan of that show.  It is one of the reality shows where there are really talented people and talent is rewarded, not just the outrageous.  But, this past week was a candy challenge where the contestants had to make garments out of things found in a candy store.  It was really well done but I received more tweets and comments about the fact that they were using candy so I guess my message about sweets is being heard.

Candy is probably one of the worst sweet treats that there is because they seem so small and innocuous yet these treats really add up both in terms of calories and in terms of sugar content.  Not only that but there is more than just sugar in these abominations – no longer will I call them treats.

There is often high fructose corn syrup (which by the way may lead to mercury toxicity due to the processing of the corn) or agave (which has even higher fructose levels than HFCS) or any one of a number of non-sugar sugars to throw you off the track that you aren’t eating anything healthy.  So, be afraid of candy.

I am not generally a fan of Michael Kors because 1. – I really don’t think his clothes are anything interesting and they look cheap and 2. (main reason) I once did Good Day Dallas and we were both guests and he tried to have me thrown out of the Green Room (which is the area where guests on the show get to sit and relax before going on) because he didn’t know me! Can you imagine?

But props to him with the following two lines about some of the contestants: “you may have wanted Carrie Bradshaw but you got Toddlers and Tiaras (ok how many secretly love this show) gone amok” and to another designer, “this is rigatoni mad max.”  Ok, one more thing before I leave the show. My favorite designer I think (it’s only been two episodes) Christopher, when referring to another designer (mad max girl) dropped hot glue on her thigh requiring the paramedics to visit the set said, “why are u wearing hoochie shorts to work.”

All of this aside, the main thing I wanted to share with you is that I have been having an amazing summer and have not had to shop at Whole Fibs once this entire season. My farmers market has been exceptional with all things fresh, local and often organic.  I think it has made a world of difference in how I feel and in how easy it has been to manage my weight.

Weight management even for me, is always an on-going battle. Fortunately I win most of the skirmishes but the war is far from over. It is important to keep in mind that consistency is what is important.  Being consistent with healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle will make your new behaviors habits that will stick with you for the rest of your life.  Cheating becomes more and more difficult the more consistent you become.

And after all, how will you be able to fit into your candy couture outfit without consistency? I know it’s summer and the parties are on but wouldn’t you rather look the best at the beach rather than having another glass of sugar filled wine?

Think about it

Until next time……

PS – I made it through without one Housewive reference – aren’t you proud?