COVID-19: Obesity PLUNGES vaccine efficacy?

I often discuss the negative consequences of being overweight and obese.

While many of us may want to be thinner for cosmetic reasons, to me, combating excess weight is more about the health benefits you can gain as a result.

Now, while you may not want to hear anything about COVID-19 and/or the vaccine, this virus is still killing thousands of our fellow Americans.

And enough time has passed that we’re now better able to analyze some of the preventative measures taken throughout the pandemic.

In fact, we know COVID vaccines have saved lives. And we know they’re much more effective than any flu vaccine.

But there’s one thing that can PLUNGE its effectiveness…

Worse outcomes among obese patients

I’m not here to talk about the pros and cons of the COVID vax. But I would like to take some time to report on how obesity can leave you more vulnerable to the virus.

Scientists at the Universities of Cambridge and Edinburgh found that the protection offered by COVID-19 vaccination declines rapidly in severely obese subjects compared to those of normal weight.

In fact, those with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 40 had a whopping 75 percent higher risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes, compared to those with a normal BMI.

Not to mention, breakthrough infections (after the second vaccine dose) ALSO led to more frequent hospitalization and early death among obese patients.

Researchers also compared the number and function of immune cells in the blood of severely obese patients and those of normal weight. Turns out, both had similar levels of antibodies six months after a second vaccine dose.

BUT—the ability of those antibodies to effectively fight against the virus was reduced among obese subjects. In fact, 55 percent of severely obese patients had undetectable antibodies compared to just 12 percent of those with a normal BMI.

Reel in your waistline

These findings suggest that obese individuals—especially those clinically classified as “morbidly obese”—may need more frequent booster doses to maintain immunity.

(This makes me wonder: Do obese people have lowered immunity to everything else, too, even when taking preventative steps to avoid a virus or disease?)

But to me, there’s an even simpler solution: Get your weight under control.

I mean, let’s not forget that obese patients are more likely to be hospitalized, require ventilators, or die from COVID-19. (Obesity and hypertension are the two worst comorbidities.)

It may sound like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, I often find that simplicity leads to consistency. That’s exactly where Mediterranean-style diets come to scene.

This type of diet focuses on high-fat, low-carb foods from grass-fed and -finished meat, organic poultry, fresh produce, eggs, nuts and seeds, and more.

And research shows it’s among the very best strategies for long-term weight control.

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