DON’T fall victim to holiday weight gain (danger!)

Happy holidays! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas with loved ones.

But now is when we all have to be especially careful…

Because “festive” season is still in full swing—and so is EATING season.

Most Americans will pack on extra, unwanted pounds between now and when the ball drops in Times Square.

But that holiday weight gain isn’t like ordinary weight gain.

In fact, some argue it’s more dangerous.

Let me explain…

A perfect storm

While we all want to indulge from time to time (even I do this time of year), if left unchecked, those unwanted pounds rarely ever go away.

In fact, despite the multi-billion-dollar diet industry, most people never lose that holiday weight gain—which makes it more dangerous.

Just think about it…

Even if you pack on just one unwanted pound each year, that eventually adds up. And it could be enough to tip the scales toward obesity—and an endless list of chronic conditions that go hand-in-hand, such as diabetes, hypertension, even cancer.

Not to mention, holiday foods are notoriously rich and indulgent—anything but healthy.

In addition, people skip the gym, bounce from party to party, overindulge on alcohol, and sleep less. And for many, stress and tension levels skyrocket.

So, gaining an extra pound is pretty easy… if you’re not careful.

Sounds like a perfect storm, doesn’t it?

Achieve better health

Now, your brain is the most powerful tool you have against these endless, holiday temptations. You can either think:

  • let me eat this cake, these cookies, endless appetizers, and guzzle champagne…
  • OR you can wisely pick and choose your poisons.

Yes, you can indulge a little. (I’m not telling you to place all your focus on healthy eating.)

But—why not make this time more about spending time with family and friends… getting an early- or late-night run in… anything that gives you joy versus focusing so much on the holiday spread?

I know I emphasize weight here, but weight and good health go together. My goal for everyone is to achieve overall wellness—or at least get a little closer to better health.

Plan your indulgences in moderation. Don’t snack between meals. Slow down, become more present in the moment, and really savor how good that food tastes. Keep the conversations going when you sit down, too… you’ll eat less and likely enjoy it more.

And don’t skimp on other healthy habits. Keep moving your body. And perhaps even get an extra walk, run, or bike ride in to help with the temptations.

At the end of the day, I encourage you not to focus on losing weight during this time of year, but rather to maintain your current weight. Don’t add even more pounds that you’ll need to shed come January.

And when all is said and done, continue focusing on core healthy habits: enjoy a healthy, balanced diet more often than not, engage in daily exercise, and get a good night’s sleep.

Have a great rest of the holiday season. And remember… never go to a party hungry!

Until next time,
Dr. Fred

P.S. If you’re looking to help reset your healthy habits in the new year, keep your eyes on your inbox. My much-anticipated weight-loss formula should become available in January. And as I talked about in my monthly newsletter, Logical Health Alternatives, along with healthy habits, it might be the extra support you need, alongside other healthy habits, in maintaining a healthy weight.