Give your prostate the support it needs—naturally

Q. “I just read that the prostate has large amounts of the amino acids glycine, alanine, and glutamic acid.

The same article claims that taking these amino acids will offer excellent relief for night time urination, daytime urgency, and delayed flow. It also says that these acids will shrink the prostate back to normal.

The problem is, they don’t suggest the amount (in mg) you should take. Are these the same recommendations you make for prostate symptoms? If so, can you clarify the dosages?”

Dr. Fred:

Prostate growth is the main reason men experience common symptoms like excess urination and erectile dysfunction, just to name a couple.

Luckily, there are many natural substances that can help. And yes, amino acids are especially beneficial in helping to shrink the prostate down to its normal size.

Glycine is the most widely available amino acid in your body and your prostate contains a lot of it. To address an enlarged prostate, I recommend taking 1,000 mg, twice per day.

More than that can actually lead to growth hormone release. And this can have the reverse effect, causing the prostate to grow bigger. The dosage for alanine should be the same–1,000 mg, twice per day.

Glutamic acid, on the other hand, is abundant in animal proteins and your body is capable of producing its own. It can also become a neurotoxin, should it convert into monosodium glutamate (MSG). So make sure you buy l-glutamic acid–this is its purest form, and won’t trigger reactions like MSG. I recommend taking 500 mg, once per day.