Gossypin extracts can thwart cancer progression

Gossypin rumors

I know I don’t need to sell you on the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. But with summer on its way, I couldn’t let this latest discovery go without sharing.

New laboratory research reveals that gossypin–a natural plant substance in fruits and veggies–might fight the most deadly form of skin cancer.

Previous studies have shown that gossypin extracts can fight inflammation and thwart cancer progression. This latest investigation shows that it does this by blocking the activity of two mutated genes that are common in cases of melanoma.

Gossypin stopped cancer growth in melanoma cell lines that contained these mutations. It also significantly reduced tumor volume and boosted survival rates in mice.

Does this mean it’s a sure thing for humans? Of course not. These are just early studies on what might turn out to be a promising natural therapy for melanoma patients.

But eating plenty of fresh produce is already a smart move. And if regular trips to the Farmer’s Market could save your skin, you’ve got nothing to lose–and everything to gain–by making them.

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