Heart Check

I don’t often get to watch a lot of television commercials because my DVR is usually so full.  But, due to the Christmas holidays, I actually had some free space on the DVR so had to watch TV in real time.  Boy, am I glad I did and here’s why.

Subway not the ones we use to get to and from work, but the Subway restaurant chain (and I use that term extremely loosely – sort of like Gumby (now I am really dating myself)) has gotten the American Heart Association healthy heart check.  That’s right, the same heart check that used to be found on a box of Pop Tarts.  I guess Subway paid more this year for that fantastic endorsement.

I mean, really??? If I say anything that the American Heart Association approved, I would run away from it, ban it from my home and actively blog about it – oh that’s right, that is what I am doing right now.

I can just see the panel of self-righteous, fat, bloated, white men deciding who to give their seal of approval – probably the only ones in the universe who has ever listened to these pumped up morons – certainly not their children or spouses.

When will they ever make decisions based on reality or even science?  They go on and on about evidence based medicine but how does a hero/hoagie sandwich with a ton of bread and processed meats get a heart healthy seal of approval.  Potatoes do too this year, so maybe I am the crazy one after all.  Perhaps I need a bed in American Horror Story: Asylum.  That is one creepy show this year. I thought it started out a little slow and all over the place but the story has gotten crisper and very scary and I am almost glad the season is coming to a close – its almost too nerve racking to watch.

I digress though so let’s get back to the RHOBH.  Vanderpump Rules. As bravo would say oh 9 0 no she didn’t! First of all, I was at Sur when they were shooting probably a sizzle reel for the show.  The restaurant is far from sexy unless you like a Parisian bordello meets West Hollywood type of décor.  And, the staff – let’s face it, you are in LA, your type is a dime a dozen – talk to me in 20 years when you’re still a waiter and your looks have faded.

Back to Subway, their average 6 inch sub which is a rather small sandwich has anywhere from 38 to 59 grams of carbohydrates per sub and anywhere from 8 to 19 grams of additional sugars not included in the carbohydrate count.

That nutritional information doesn’t warrant a seal of approval from anything other than an undertaker.

Until next time….