Is corporate America tanking the war on obesity?

Yesterday we talked about how many employers across America are denying the very medications that could help YOU get your health back…

Like Wegovy (semaglutide) and other GLP-1 agonist drugs.

See, these medications could help tackle our nation’s ever-growing diabesity epidemic. Yet, the powers-that-be are committed to pulling the wool over your eyes…

Convincing you that those hoops you suddenly have to jump through are for your own good.

Let’s talk about it…

Cutting costs comes at a price

Have you ever been prescribed a routine test, only to have it denied by your insurance?

Or perhaps you filled a prescription once and then received a denial letter in the mail for subsequent refills?

Sadly, this is corporate America at work. And the pattern hasn’t slowed down.

Most recently, we’re seeing top-down intervention when it comes to weight-loss drugs.

In fact, many U.S. employers are dealing with astronomical costs from paying for semaglutide injections.

So, behind the scenes, companies are starting to cut costs—by limiting their employees to smaller networks of less-expensive providers and/or delaying prescriptions until lifestyle interventions fail. (Emphasis on the word “delay”!)

These brainiacs want patients to commit to one-to-three months of lifestyle changes, promoted by third-party telehealth companies, before turning to weight-loss prescriptions.

(Who, in America, hasn’t tried months of lifestyle changes in their quest to lose weight? Like that approach has ever worked before…)

But did you ever consider THIS…

Something suspicious is brewing

These mandated “support” programs could essentially replace regular, in-person visits— with a qualified physician who knows them and their health history—with some virtual, overpaid fool.

As a healthcare practitioner, I am NOT okay with something that threatens continuity of care for the sake of saving a dollar.

The bottom line?

Employers are desperately trying to avoid paying for these drugs entirely—something they would never do for other expensive drugs that treat cancer, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, and more.

It seems they are marginalizing overweight and obese people… and dictating what they should or should not be doing.

What gives corporate America the right to do that for any particular disease? Why is obesity being singled out?

Obesity is directly (or indirectly) attributable to millions of deaths each year.

So, can someone please explain to me why employers, not physicians, are calling the shots (no pun intended) on access to life-and-death medications?

I don’t know about you, but it seems something suspicious is brewing. And it has nothing to do with improving the collective health of our nation.


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