Lower your Cholesterol while enjoying your favorite fast food meals….

Welcome to my new blog, finally a place where I get to rant and rave about topics and not worry about the FTC/FCC/FDA or the PTA. The blogosphere is safe, at least for now. But is your health?

If the doctors in England have their way, you will be able to lower your cholesterol while eating at your favorite fast food restaurants. Why worry about self restraint, teaching your children proper nutrition or just being a glutton? Isn’t there a pill for all that? Of course there is, a statin drug. These are the drugs that lower your cholesterol. Now, whether your cholesterol needs to be lowered is a subject for another blog entry completelty (it is my humble opinion that it doesn’t, but hey, we have a drug to do it and they sell billions of dollars worth of these without ANY evidence that it saves lives, now that’s a pill I wish I had invented).

Back to my original intent which is to rant about these docs in England who want to allow McDonalds to put statin right next to the ketchup, soda fountains and salt & vinegar packets, so you can have your cholesterol and then wash it away with a dose of a statin medication.

Sounds like a great idea, right? Absolutely not! There are so many side effects associated with these drugs like muscle pains which never go away, to the depletion of your co-q10 levels, to liver cancer, to the fact that they probably do nothing but make money for big pharma.

I am just in shock. I can’t believe that people would put themselves at risk just so they can keep eating Bic Macs. I was one of the lucky ones who escaped the fast food addiction (although a very rare in and out gorilla burger is not to be missed, but how often am I on the West Coast). Wake up America! This is the one place where England has it all wrong.

I am off to London, so I will see what else they have in store for us and then to Rome for some birthday celebrations.

Stay Tuned…