No Guts No Glory

So I am having a colonoscopy tomorrow and thought everyone should know about it.  I mean if Katie Couric can do it so can I.  I was writing in my Reality Health Check about how many people do not get routine health screenings and for colonoscopies, the rate was under 50% of those who should get them.

Now you know I am not a big fan of invasive procedures but I think pretty highly of this one – especially given my family history.  Two of my uncles and my father died from colon cancer so this is something I have been keeping pretty close tabs on.

However, I am happy to report that there is a new blood test available for those too squeamish to get a long black tube stuck up your behind (you do get sedated really well – with the same medicine that killed Michael Jackson) called Colon Sentry. I am not certain how accurate it is yet but all healthy insurances are paying for it including Medicare so there must be some science behind it.  I am going to start doing it on all my patients.

Speaking of another woman whose name begins with a K and for once, it isn’t a Kardashian but someone who is as obsessed with them as I am: Kathy Griffin. Have you seen her new talk show? It really isn’t that good but I am hoping over time it will develop a rhythm and get better.

The reason I mention it is because I could do a show like hers but about health and lifestyle issues.  She basically talks about celebrities and reality TV – sound familiar?  I think that’s genius.

I could have on Jessica Seinfeld (a mere child herself) to talk about feeding children vegetables. I could have Jenny McCarthy (remember when she used to hawk Candies shoes) talking about autism.  And of course, my good friend Erica Reid to discuss her new book, The Thriving Child, where she discusses how to parent successfully though common childhood challenges like allergies, asthma, etc.  But, she would have to bring all her famous friends like Mary J. Blige, Beyonce and Jay-Z and perhaps Usher.  I recommend following her @EricaHReid.

Back to screening tests or medical testing in general.  I feel that if you are going to do something with the information then go ahead and have the test; but if you are only want to know something and the information will destroy you, then I would not recommend it.  I would recommend a healthy lifestyle with as much precaution as you could take.

Remember poor Silver from 90210 – well it turns out she is positive for the BRCA2 gene and they are forcing her to have both breasts removed and to have her eggs fertilized and her uterus removed.  The girl is 21.  Yet, this is not just happening on TV but in doctors offices near you.  I am kinda worried about this frightening trend but stay tuned – let’s see what else we can scare people into doing that involves surgery and massive manipulation of the body.  That’s always a good thing.   If we had more doctors scaring patients into going off sugar the world would be healthier by 10 fold.  Oh wait, that’s right, no one makes money off of us eating less so why bother?

Here’s something I should be afraid of but I am not is Kim’s wedding, although I probably should be.  I hope you have not been tardy for that wedding but it seems that Hollywood(or in this case Atlanta) weddings are a minimum of 7 figures before you factor in the dresses.  Seems like a lot but how much did Brielle look like her mom when she walked down the stairs before her prom? It was amazing.

Health Screening is important even for those of us who are healthy.  I do recommend colonoscopies, mammograms every couple of years; breast ultrasounds probably yearly since there is no radiation involved.  I think a bone density is a good idea every few years so you know whether you need to increase your exercise or not.  Oh, BTW, the fitness team and I at the office have put together an osteoporosis prevention/treatment program.  It is super and you should check it out at I also think a cardiac check of some sort is in order, especially if you are overweight or have diabetes – an EKG definitely; an Echo at some point and I personally do an ultra fast CT of my heart every five years to make sure I don’t have heart disease.  Not that it could be possible but you never know.

Wow, I have been super medical-like in this blog today but hey sometimes it happens.  So back to the fluff and the best line of the week: “With all that taffeta and tuille, the sheer amount of static electricity in that room will be frightening.  You’ve never seen my hair without gel.  I’ll look like Medusa.”  Name the character and the show and a gift awaits you.  Oh, and just when I thought my DVR would get some much needed rest – so many shows are starting up that I can’t wait for – The Real Housewives of New York (with a mostly new cast – that should be fun), The Glee Project and…. Wait for it….. Mob Wives:Chicago!  I’m in heaven…..