Parkinson’s disease is PREVENTABLE?

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the fastest growing brain disease.

(That took me by surprise, too!)

And it’s a real tragedy—as this progressive disease impairs your movement, balance, coordination, and more.

But new research suggests it may be preventable… especially if you can eliminate exposure to a leading culprit.

It won’t be easy, but let’s take a look…

A 500 percent increased risk

Researchers believe the key culprit behind the rise in PD diagnoses is a common chemical…

It’s used in white correction fluid, paint removers, gun cleaners, aerosol cleaning products, and dry cleaning. (Only in America would we have to add “gun cleaners” into the mix.)

I’m talking about trichloroethylene (TCE). And it might just skyrocket your PD risk by a whopping 500 percent!

TCE has been commercially produced since 1920. By the 1970s, 10 million Americans were working with the chemical (or other organic solvents) daily. And it’s STILL being used today.

That means it has invaded every aspect of our lives for the past 100 years and counting. And we’re paying the ultimate price… with disease.

You see, it has countless industrial, commercial, military, and medical applications. It was even once used to decaffeinate coffee!

As a result, we live in a world where PD—and other conditions—are common instead of rare.

Why isn’t TCE banned?

It pains me to see how we bring diseases that are entirely preventable onto ourselves.

I mean, one look at how TCE affects the body, and you’d think the powers-that-be would ban use IMMEDIATELY. Here’s what I mean…

TCE damages our mitochondria (the energy factories within our cells). It’s also fat soluble, meaning it can cross the blood-brain barrier and basically embed itself into our tissues. (I’m certain you can guess why that’s dangerous.)

Plus, certain neurons are particularly sensitive to mitochondrial toxins, like TCE. And that can help explain the serious uptick in PD risk.

But do you know what really gets me? We’ve seen this association between TCE and PD in studies as early as 1969!

Yet, TCE continues to contaminate up to one-third of U.S. drinking water. It pollutes the groundwater in more than 20 different countries on five continents. It’s found in half of the most toxic “Superfund” sites that are part of a federal clean-up program—including 15 in Silicon Valley, where it was used to clean electronics.

And of course, the whole Camp Lejeune lawsuit is because of contaminated water where TCE was found at 280 times the recommended safety standards!

This is all yet another HUGE EXAMPLE of how Big Business takes a higher priority than our health.

And it’s such a widespread problem, you may think exposure is inevitable.

But you CAN reduce your exposure—and potentially lower your Parkinson’s risk—by making a few simple lifestyle changes, like investing in a quality water filter.

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