Put Down The Bread Stick

Although that is a line I have often been overheard saying, this week, it comes from Fiona Wallice aka Lisa Kudrow on Web Therapy. Her husband is running for congress and she thinks the obese should all be taxed if they eat too much or buy too much food. I can’t say I disagree too much with her but it would be nice to find a happier medium. Although I must say the show is hilarious and all ad lib. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly encourage it.

I like to blame sugar for everything but did you know that sugar started the slave trade? I didn’t either! I just learned this on TV of course. As it turns out, Barbados was uninhabited when Christopher Columbus discovered it and because it is the closest island to western Africa, it was the place where close to 4 million slaves passed through on their way to the sugar plantations that were popping up all over the Caribbean.  You see in those days, sugar was an expensive and rare commodity – in fact, wars were fought over it.  Sugar was expensive and a treat.  Today it is subsidized, available everywhere and costing us countless billions in health care costs alone.  Sugar has some history – it’s time for a backlash!

I am saddened that it is the last season of Weeds as it is turning out to be the funniest. Nancywas shot in the head at the end of last season and before she was released from rehab she turns to her son and says don’t people always look happier in the “after” picture.  They are always smiling.  If you get a second lease on life, use it to make other lives better.

I thought this was a great analogy to dieting. I know it is the summer and everyone is busy partying, having excuses not to stick with their program and indulging just a little too much.  However, don’t you like being the “after” person? Doesn’t it feel better? I know it does for me. I hate when I get in these places/moods where I either overeat or want to overeat – I feel so miserable both psychologically and physically that it is a relief to become that “after” person again.  We get so many chances to lose weight and get healthier, we shouldn’t run out of time.  It merely takes the vision to see that we are happier when we are healthier. We do feel better so why does everything seem to sabotage us for a moment of happiness, rather than a lifetime of happiness and health?

It’s something I will never be able to understand. Just like I can’t understand the RHONY this season.  It is almost painful to watch.  Don’t get me wrong, there are moments, where Carole says, “I just got my book made into a TV series and I’ll raise you a case of wine I am selling at Target.” Referring to Ramona of course. Yes it was a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t written in a while and this was too good not to pass along.

Here are women who are truly competitive with each other, staged within an inch of their lives; yet, to me, seem really unhappy except for Carole and Aviva.  I want them to become the after picture.

I also want all of you to become the after pictures that you want to be – imagine yourself that way and you can become that.  It is a hard battle but one that you can win. I did.  However, the American Beverage Association is teaming up with groups that want to stop the ban on the sale of sugar sweetened beverages above 16 ounces in NYC – a real shame.  Because once Fiona Wallice gets into office the punitive damages will be worse.  Better stick to Bloomberg while you have the chance.

Well, I have run out of room and I haven’t even begun to discuss the RHONJ – they really are the best ones.  But I will leave you with one of my favorite lines of the summer season so far: An honorable vampire and an intelligent whore – what a contradiction! (True Blood)

Until next time…….