Rage Against The Machine

I had a really good idea for a blog this week but it is going to have to wait until next week.  I guess even the Long Island Medium didn’t see this one coming.  I was watching 60 Minutes when this past weekend and they did a giant expose on sugar – discussing all of its evils.

While I was happy that this information is being disseminated to a very large audience, I was shocked by Sanjay Gupta’s ignorance on the subject and his incredulity about it.   Please remind me that when I have my own television show to still maintain my own ideas and not become another vacuous talking head.

Ok, so this is what really bothered me.  They were interviewing this Dr. Lustig. Really? Who the f*** is he?  He did a little research and now he is the guru about sugar.   I wanted to kill myself.  Here are some of his mind-opening ideas:

  1. A calorie is a calorie is wrong
  2. Consumption of High fructose corn syrup (less than is in one can of soda) increases LDL within two weeks.
  3. Consuming too much sugar turns into fat
  4. When they took out fat, they replaced it with sugar
  5. Increased insulin during high sugar meals is a catalyst for cancer
  6. Sugar is addictive and activates the pleasure centers of the brain like cocaine
  7. You can build up a tolerance to sugar so you need to eat more to experience the same high
  8. It’s a public health crisis
  9. They should limit sugar just like they do tobacco and alcohol
  10. Sugar leads to obesity, diabetes and heart disease

Someone should alert the American Diabetes Association who says that you can eat 60 grams of sugar at each meal.  Or the American Heart Association that gives or has given its seal of approval to PopTarts and potatoes.

Where have you heard each and every one of those things before – that’s right – here! Or in my books or in any one of the many pioneers that came before me and from those who are still out there fighting the good fight.

So since 60 Minutes didn’t have the sense to give a shout our to these people, allow me to give them their due

  1. Dr. Robert Atkins
  2. Drs. Michael and Mary Eades
  3. Drs. Richard and Rachel Heller
  4. Connie Bennet
  5. Jonny Bowden
  6. Martie Whittekin
  7. Dian Griesel

Quite honestly, the list is endless and this may be the first time in my life when television made me mad – oh, it makes me mad once a year when they vote off someone on American Idol that they shouldn’t.

I haven’t mentioned The Real Housewives of Atlanta for a while but don’t think I have forgotten them – they are my favorite group after all but I am giving total props to Kandi this week – well, actually last week as I haven’t watched this weeks episode yet.

And why does Silver from 90210 (yes, I am too old to be watching this show; but I was too old to have watched the original show too so there) have to have the BRCA2 gene.  Is this supposed to be educational for young girls? I am sure one of the writers has a personal experience with this but really?  Are they advocating that all young girls get tested? And then what? Memorial Sloan Kettering estimates that up to 10% of all breast and uterine cancers are hereditary.  Should we remove 10% of the female population of this country breasts and give them hysterectomies?

Maybe TV made me mad again but we live in a world where genetic testing is far ahead of our ability to make decisions based on the results and doctors are pressuring people to have these surgeries – Silver is getting hounded by her doctor.

But, perhaps we should look at both of these situations and put two and two together.  If sugar causes cancer, perhaps that is what turns on the BRCA2 gene.  Therefore, stop eating sugar, take more preventative measures in your lifestyle and keep your body parts.  Works for me!

And of course, to do a fair story one must hear from both sides so they interviewed some sugar farmer who was from the sugar council who said that the science is not clear that sugar causes any health risks.  DUH! What did they expect him to say? Sanjay, Sanjay, Sanjay.  I wonder what would have happened ifAndersontook on this story – not the daytime Anderson but the Anderson 360.

Before I forget, Happy Pesach and Happy Easter and whatever other holiday there may be coming this week.  May you get to enjoy quality time with your friends and loved ones. Remember it’s about the good times, not the indulgences.

And how happy are we all the Game of Thrones is back?

Until next time…