STILL overusing antibiotics? (Alert your children!)

You may already be aware of this country’s “drug problem.”

And antibiotics top that list.

In fact, our misuse and overuse of antibiotics leads directly to new antibiotic-resistant bacteria. And I don’t need to explain why that’s so dangerous.

But it is frightening to know this pattern is starting at such a young age.

That’s precisely why I need YOUR help.

Start warning your children about antibiotic overuse in their children.

Here’s why…

Harmful, longer lasting effects

Back in March, readers of Logical Health Alternatives, my monthly newsletter, learned about this STARK warning.

But in case you missed it, allow me to elaborate…

Many pediatricians dole out antibiotics like candy to children, even though we know most common childhood illnesses, like ear infections, don’t respond. And that’s a disaster in the making.

In fact, according to a brand-new study, infants who received antibiotics (and did not breastfeed) had a 300 percent higher risk of developing asthma by age five!


Well, as the researchers explained, antibiotics have a harmful effect on the developing microbiome.

And I can only imagine the lifelong effects of this early disruption.

Protect their guts

Now, I’ve reported plenty on the importance of a healthy gut microbiome.

After all, your gut does so much more than just digest the food you eat.

It helps your body process and absorb critical nutrients. It generates approximately 80 percent of your immune cells. And it produces brain neurotransmitters—like serotonin, the “feel good” hormone—that keep you happy.

Do you really want to risk disrupting that crucial environment in your grandchildren’s gut… while it’s still developing?

So, if you notice your grandchild has developed an ear infection or fever, and their parents are told to give them an antibiotic to treat it… discuss your concerns. Make sure they’re informed and understand that there ARE real, lasting consequences tied to even one course of antibiotics.

Knowledge is power. And, after all, the effects could last a lifetime.

To learn more about antibiotic overuse—and its effects on anyone at any age—check out that March issue of my monthly Logical Health Alternatives newsletter. I also encourage subscribers to refer to my back-to-back issues on a complete microbiome makeover, published in March and April 2019.

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P.S. Antibiotics are a necessary evil. Except when they’re not… which happens to be the case a lot more often than it should be. You can learn more about those risks, at ANY age, in this article.


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