STOP destroying your gut (and overall health)

It’s thrilling to see so much scientific information coming in about gut health.

As a reader of mine, you already know how I feel about this topic…

Simply put: Without a healthy gut, you can never be truly healthy.

That’s because the gut affects our entire body. And it’s where inflammation—the root of disease—begins and ends.

But no matter what you may read about how to maintain a healthy gut, one thing will remain consistent…

The most popular dietary substance of all will completely DESTROY it.

Sugar kills in more ways than one

Of course, I’m talking about sugar.

It’s no secret that eating sugar ultimately destroys the healthy lining of your digestive tract—and the delicate balance of good and bad bacteria within.

But scientists from the University of Pittsburgh now find that consuming excess sugar also disrupts cells that keep the colon healthy in mice with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). (The colon is a vital part of the digestive tract and gut.)

Researchers fed mice either a standard or high-sugar diet. Then, they mimicked IBD symptoms by exposing them to a chemical called DSS (which damages the colon).

It turns out, the high-sugar diet turned out to be lethal to the mice consuming it. They died within nine days. Meanwhile, the mice eating a standard diet lived until the end of the 14-day experiment.


Well, typically, the colon is lined with a layer of epithelial cells that are arranged with finger-like projections called crypts. They’re frequently replenished by dividing stem cells to keep the colon healthy.

In other words, your body, essentially, makes a new colon every five days.

But this protective layer of cells was completely wiped out in some of the mice. This suggests that sugar could directly impact the colon, as opposed to the injury being dependent on how sugar is absorbed in the gut microbiome. (Interesting, no?)

Dying from the inside out

Let me disclose one last detail…

When the researchers tried to grow the epithelial cells in the lab, the more sugar that was in the culture medium, the less likely the cells grew.

Not only that, but instead of thriving on fatty acids for fuel, the cells preferred sugar.

Now, you know how I feel about animal studies. But, in the over 30 years working with patients, I can assure you this same process occurs in humans as well.

In fact, many patients have come to me with varying degrees of IBD. And I can count on one hand how many patients didn’t relieve their symptoms after ridding their diets of sugar.

This is just another example of the very real dangers of sugar in our diets.

Sadly, it’s super difficult to keep this hot commodity out of our lives. You really have to work hard to avoid it.

The good news is, I’m committed to providing you tips to do just that. Because our relentless addiction to sugar is quite literally killing us—from the inside out.

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