Sugar Anonymous

And what is wrong with this concept? Alcoholics can’t just have one drink. Cigarette smokers can’t have just one and crack users fill entire dens of people waiting to get high.  The USA regulates just about everything yet, there is a huge uproar when anyone mentions regulating the one thing that kills more people than any other thing in the United States– sugar.

The Largest Man  Take a look at this photo that I came across. The first picture is of the fattest man in the world in 1903. He looks like my neighbor and everyone I see on the subway today.  This should sound all the alarms in your head.

Luckily, we can still rely on Ryan Murphy and Glee to bring some sanity to the situation.  A new character, Cassandra July is a dance teacher and she looks at one girl who may weigh an additional 5 ounces above her ideal weight and calls her “muffin top.” “It’s rice cakes and ipecac from now on.” If you don’t have body dysmorphic syndrome, you don’t want this badly enough.”

Now we are talking. I know I have body dysmorphic syndrome and it is what keeps me in shape and at the gym five days per week. I am petrified of gaining an ounce.  Where did all the weirdos like me go? This used to be very common – we even had a gang in college and a contest to see who could eat less.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do not advocate bulimia or anorexia (well, maybe mild cases) but since when did America start looking like the police officer (let’s you tube him trying to chase a criminal) in picture 2.  Furthermore, when did it become okay?

A study released this week shows that the obesity crisis in the United Statesshows no sign of abating; in fact it’s getting worse. The study, titled F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future 2012, (I would have called it F as in Fatty Fatty Two by Four) projects that by 2030, every state in the nation will have an obesity rate of at least 44%, 39 states could have rates above 50% and 13 states could have adult obesity rates above 60% with Mississippi topping the list with a projected rate of 66%.

We certainly know that won’t be the case inMiami.  Have you seen this season of RHOM? First of all, they all look alike – it is so difficult to tell any of them apart except for the one Anglo woman who is married to the lawyer involved in that Kennedy Palm Beach trial who brought blue blurs over the face in style. They had to add four new characters and get rid of some and even now, they are still boring. And they all look like drag queens; but that’s another story.

All I know is that it seems as if America collectively has put on the blue blur over their faces because otherwise how could they stand for this mass feeding frenzy that takes place and how can they look themselves in the mirror.  Perhaps blue looks good on them. All I can say is my name is Fred and I am a sugar addict. Who’s with me?

For me, funniest line of the week goes to Carol on RHONY who referred to something as being like global warming.  No one likes it in the long term but in the short term we all like 60 degree days in February.

Until next time…….