medium_costcoAnd the feeding is easy! So many parties, so many events and all of which involve massive quantities of food. I was at Costco the other day – even I can’t resist twelve rolls of toilet paper – and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My eyes, My eyes – ok: contest time – who said that line and from what tv show. (Hint: (s)he is about to have a new show launch this summer). You know the rules – first person to answer wins something from my on line store.

Well, take a look for your self – not only what and who but it was a two story Costco – sheer genius (bonus question/tie-breaker: which Costco location). The second floor was where all the food was located and the immensity of it all made me weep. We have such a problem on our hands and I really don’t know how to fix it anymore.

Americans no longer have a built in sense of propriety about anything – why do you think there are so many incredulous reality television shows – not that I don’t love them all; but, I don’t think I would choose to be a participant in many of them – not even for my 15 minutes of fame that I crave so desperately.



Well, its not that I crave the fame insomuch as I crave what it can do. I really want the ability to change the health of the American public. It is in a serious decline and gets worse each year because of what we are doing to ourselves. We are eating ourselves into an epidemic – as is evidenced by this next picture taken just the other day outside of Magnolia Bakery – a line? Really? For a cupcake? Really???? What? Have I lost my mind or has the rest of the world gone mad?

When did waiting in line for a cupcake (albeit a very good one although I prefer the banana pudding) become acceptable? Wouldn’t you be embarrassed? Doesn’t that seem just a bit over the top and decadent to you? Now, once in a blue moon decadence is understandable and encouraged; but folks, this is an everyday occurrence for many people – our hunter/gatherer ancestors would be ashamed of us if they knew exactly where we were hunting and gathering. A bakery; Costco; the Quickie Mart?

OK, before I continue my rant did you see True Blood? I am sooooo happy it is back on the air and so much happened. It is one of those shows that I have to watch twice because I am so nervous watching it the first time as I don’t want to miss a single thing.

Speaking of people who will do anything to be on television, the RHONJ were just too much this week and win the quotes of the week. A group of the families went to the Catskills to the Guidice family retreat (who knew people from NJ went to the Catskills? – the borscht belt will never be the same) It’s kind of like what happens in the summer in the Hamptons – fish out of water.

Both quotes go to Teresa:

1. “ some of the people are looking at us as if they’ve never shopped in Bloomingdales”

2. “Fifth avenue enraided (I did not make up that word) the catskills”

Speaking of people who just don’t have a clue, I am convinced that the American public has lost their minds. We are quite frankly, the most malnourished obese country in the history of the planet and don’t think twice about it. We are consuming more calories than ever before, are fatter than ever before and yet are malnourished because none of these calories have any nutritional value.

In fact, sugar depletes our bodies of many essential

vitamins and minerals – why do you think all that packaged food is “enriched with 12 essential vitamins?” Because it has to be!!! Otherwise, it would probably kill you like egg beaters. We take a perfectly healthy food, manipulate it to an unrecognizable form and then regurgitate it into a package, add vitamins because anything that may have been occurring naturally in the food was removed during processing and then tell consumers its healthy!!!!!!

Not what, but how many things are wrong with that picture? And, when are Americans going to start caring. We already are living in a world where there is size distortion. WE all know that restaurant portion sizes are out of control; but, what about our idea of portions. We all think its necessary to walk out of a restaurant stuffed beyond the ability to get into a cab or our cars comfortably or we feel cheated. Many, including myself, have railed about that.

Here is my biggest issue: people say I am too skinny! We have lost the ability to recognize what normal size people look like. We poo poo the government’s weight and height charts as if those are impossible goals – they are not. I fit into them and so do many of my patients; yet, people think they would look – ready for this – too thin at those weights. OK, I have told you before how my mother thinks I have fat eyes – well let me tell you something – America has thin eyes. We need to start reevaluating what is normal size and what isn’t because we are speeding towards a health crisis of never before seen proportions and it is all PREVENTABLE.

Oh, and one more thing – you are not a size zero!

When did clothing sizes all become smaller when in fact they are for bigger people. Ponder that one! And please take control and help others win this battle. Mob Wives – reunion episode coming up – need I say more.

Until next time…