The mental magic of “oscillation”

Yesterday, I promised you more details on the brain breakthrough I’ve been working on… Designer's Desk with Architectural Tools and Notebook

So today I’d like to share some brand-new research with you.

Patients ask me all the time what they can do to keep their brain “sharp.” They want to know why they seem to forget important things, like which day they’re scheduled to go see the eye doctor next month…and yet they can remember every word of a silly argument with their spouse.

First I remind them that the brain is the most mysterious part of the human body. Medical science will probably never know everything there is to know about the brain. But we do know this: Your brain is always moving. And if you can help it “move” more efficiently, you can improve your mental performance and even enhance your memory.

It’s strange to think about, but your brain cells are always making small, delicate movements known as neural oscillation. This oscillation creates brainwaves that make it possible to think clearly and recall details easily.

In fact, this rapid-fire oscillation is the only way you can:

–  Store and retrieve memories…

–  Learn new tasks—from programming the cable box, to becoming fluent in Italian…

–  And, keep yourself laser-focused on one thing at a time.

Without oscillation, thoughts and information can’t be transferred throughout your network of brain cells.

But here’s the exciting news. Just recently, scientists discovered a natural plant extract growing in Bavaria that can actually help improve oscillation in the brain.

This new research shows that this “Bavarian Brain Booster” can help activate the very tiny, very powerful brain cells in charge of oscillation. They’re known as your M1 receptors, and switching them “on” can help give you the best brain performance possible—so you can remember important information like your ATM PIN-number or computer password, and upcoming appointments.

And this Brain Booster could even help you stay on your feet.

It turns out that healthy oscillation is also the reason you can walk through your house without falling over every piece of furniture along the way. It’s how your brain figures out the amount of space you have to maneuver around.

But there’s a lot more to a healthy brain than just oscillation…and, unfortunately, I can’t fit it all in right here.

That’s why I’ll be sharing all the details on what this incredible Bavarian Brain Booster can do for your brain—and talking more about its role in oscillationin a completely FREE report coming out this Saturday.