The missing link to maximum diet success

It’s been more than a decade now since I published my best seller The Hamptons Diet. I wrote that book to help all of the people I’d met who were struggling to lose weight, despite being highly motivated. And despite following the so-called “expert” advice of the time.

But I knew from experience that that advice was just missing the mark.

I saw so-called experts admonishing people about fat, sodium, and cholesterol while totally ignoring — or worse, promoting — foods that would sabotage even the most dedicated dieter. Those foods? Sugars and carbs. I knew that people needed to hear the truth about what was making them fat and careening them toward a diabetes diagnosis.

I knew that my approach was successful, because I followed the science and I put it to work with my patients. My only struggle was getting the word out to more people so I could make a difference beyond the walls of my office.

Thus, The Hamptons Diet was born. And in the years since, I’ve heard from thousands of people whose lives have been completely transformed by following the clear and attainable guidelines I laid out in it. People who were on the fast track to diabetes and heart disease, who had been battling the scale for most of their lives finally understood that their problem wasn’t willpower. It was that they had been following the wrong advice.

I can’t tell you how fulfilling it has been to be able to help so many people achieve the health and vitality we all deserve. It’s truly been one of the accomplishments I’m most proud of in life.

And yet… As successful as The Hamptons Diet has been, I have observed that it doesn’t work the same for everyone who uses it. While many people who follow it see turbo-charged weight loss and blood sugar numbers that make their doctors’ heads spin, others have had slower or more modest results.

But instead of sitting back and scratching my head, I did what I have always done: I turned to the science. And the exciting thing about science is that new research and discoveries are coming out all the time.

In the decade since publishing The Hamptons Diet, I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve put that new knowledge to work with the patients I see in my practice. With their help, I’ve fine-tuned my approach, and I’m very excited to say that I have figured out the missing link that keeps some people from losing weight and taking control of their blood sugar.

But as I mentioned last week, this breakthrough is too big to share just with the people I’m able to see in my practice. The results are just too life-changing.

I want everyone to have access to this powerful secret.

So I sat down, put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, as the case may be), and spent months outlining the specifics. The result is my brand new book, The A-List Diet.

It hits the shelves on April 25th but I was able to get my Reality Health Check readers “first dibs.” You can pre-order your copy of the A-List Diet right now by clicking here.