The only kind of soda you’ll find in my fridge

Q. “I’ve read your Reality HealthChecks about the dangers of soda. But I’m curious about club soda and seltzer. Are these safe to drink, or are they just as dangerous as other sodas?”

Dr. Fred:

As long as you’re drinking out of a glass bottle (to avoid the plastic chemicals that can leach into the water), I see no problem with enjoying a little club soda or seltzer. In fact, I’m drinking sparkling mineral water as I write this.

There are many myths about the bubbles not being good for bone mineralization. But in the end, I am a scientist. And until that risk can be proven one way or another, I’ll be sticking with my bubbly water.

That’s not to say that there’s no truth whatsoever to claims that the bubbles are unhealthy. But in this era of over-information, sometimes you just need to be a little skeptical and “pick your poison,”so to speak.

There are so many other behaviors that I would like to see changed in the majority of people. (Like getting more exercise–or any exercise at all, really– and overcoming sugar addiction.)

Let’s just say banning fizzy water isn’t on the top of my priority list.