The secret to better blood sugar

If you head straight for the couch after dinner every night, you might want to re-think your route.

A new study finds that even a little exercise after you eat… just a walk around the block… can improve blood glucose levels.

This Mayo Clinic study involved 14 people without diabetes and seven people with diabetes.

Each participant was given three identical meals each day. After one meal each day, participants laid in bed for 6 hours; after the other meals, each walked at a moderate pace for a mile or so..

Researchers measured their blood glucose levels before and after each walk, and when they didn’t walk. After walking, blood glucose levels were lower for both groups, those with diabetes and those without diabetes.

You get the message–a little exercise will improve glucose control. You don’t have to run it. You don’t even have to go very far. But to get better blood sugar readings, even a short walk helps.