This miracle anti-aging mineral fights prostate cancer

When it comes to minerals that are essential for your health, iron and calcium tend to hog the limelight in a majority of mainstream health coverage.

Don’t get me wrong—these nutrients deserve their acclaim. But increasingly, we’re discovering that lesser-known minerals can also have huge impacts on your health.

Take selenium, for example. This trace mineral, found in soil, is essential for thyroid function and a healthy immune system. Recent findings also indicate that it protects against cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. And I’ve also reported on various studies showcasing selenium’s preventative powers against diabetes, heart disease, as well as cervical and liver cancer.

And now, there are two more reasons to get more of this mineral.

How dirt can boost your longevity

A series of recent studies show that selenium can protect you against prostate cancer… and lower your risk of the deadliest, most aggressive forms of the disease.

And another important new study found that this miracle mineral can improve your longevity. Along with protecting you from fatal cancers, it can substantially lower your risk of dying from any cause.

That’s pretty impressive for something found in the dirt! Let’s dive a little deeper into this exciting new research…

An all-natural insurance policy against prostate cancer

There are so many recent studies on selenium’s effect on prostate cancer; it’s difficult to pick the most convincing.

So I’ll start with the biggest one. For a 2017 meta-analysis, Chinese researchers conducted a rigorous scientific evaluation of 17 studies on selenium and prostate cancer. They found that men with the highest levels of selenium had a 24 percent decreased risk of prostate cancer, compared to men with the lowest levels.1

Some mainstream doctors may discount these findings because prostate cancer is generally a low-risk, slow-moving disease. But the aggressive form of this cancer is quick and deadly. It usually requires surgery or radiation, rather than the watchful waiting doctors recommend for less dangerous types of prostate cancer.

Invasive treatments like surgery and radiation can affect your overall health. So it’s not unusual that men diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer can die from other causes as well.

But a recent, large study shows that selenium can indeed protect against aggressive prostate cancer. And it can lower the risk of all-cause mortality in men with any type of prostate cancer.2

Fighting prostate cancer at the genetic level

The research was conducted in Denmark, where people tend to have low selenium levels. In a huge study on the effect of diet on cancer and overall health, researchers observed how selenium status affects the risk of prostate cancer risk in Danish men, including all-cause and advanced forms.

The researchers analyzed levels of selenium in more than 27,000 men. They identified 784 cases of prostate cancer—525 of which were in advanced stages.

Researchers followed these men for five years. They found that the men who had higher selenium levels had a lower risk of all-cause mortality. And the men who had the most selenium in their blood had the lowest risk of being diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer in the first place.

So there you have it. A simple, all-natural solution to avoid invasive, life-altering treatments like surgery or radiation.

But how does selenium work its magic? Well, selenium reduces your risk of prostate cancer in several ways.

First of all, as I discuss in my brand new online learning tool, the Essential Protocol to a Cancer-Free Future, selenium is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune booster—which helps your body fight all forms of disease… including cancer. For more information about my new learning tool, click here, or call 1-866-747-9421 and ask about order code EOV3UA01.

And two new studies show that selenium may work on a genetic level to specifically attack prostate cancer—keeping it from becoming aggressive and spreading.

In the first study, Dutch researchers found that taking a selenium supplement inactivated genes that allow cancer confined to the prostate to invade other parts of the body.3

The other study was conducted by researchers from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard Medical School. They analyzed 1,434 men, including 278 with aggressive prostate cancer.4

The results were eye-opening. Researchers discovered a number of genetic variations or mutations that put certain men with low selenium levels at higher risk for advanced prostate cancer.

But here’s the kicker: Genetic tests to see if you’re one of those susceptible men aren’t available in our current healthcare system…

So why take the risk? Start supplementing with selenium and protect yourself against deadly prostate cancer—today.

The anti-aging nutrient

So far, we’ve seen how selenium can significantly reduce the risk of dying from prostate cancer or related causes. But an important new study out of Italy goes even further.

This study shows that older men and women who have high blood levels of selenium can substantially reduce their risk of dying from any cause.5

I’ve seen results like this in animal studies.6 But this study is particularly exciting because it was done in humans, over a long time period.

The researchers analyzed blood samples from 347 people ages 80 and older. Then, they kept track of the study participants for 10 years. 

Researchers found that people who had the highest levels of selenium were 29 percent less likely to die from any type of disease. And that even took into account preexisting health conditions or diseases.

Think about that! People in their 80s—no matter their health statuslowered their risk of dying by over a quarter… Simply by getting enough selenium.

My advice: Don’t wait until you’re 80 or 90—start protecting your health today with a daily dose of 200 mcg of selenium, which you can find in your local pharmacy, grocery store, or health supplement retailer. A little goes a long way when it comes to this miracle mineral. 

Easy ways to get more selenium

There are two easy ways to increase your selenium levels.

As I mentioned earlier, you can take at least 200 mcg of selenium a day as a dietary supplement or as part of a multivitamin/mineral.

You can also get selenium from food sources, like:

  • Beef (grass-fed or finished)
  • Brazil nuts
  • Eggs (cage-free)
  • Garlic
  • Lamb (grass-fed or finished)
  • Seafood (shrimp or wild-caught tuna, salmon, cod, or halibut)
  • Turkey (preferably organic)
  • White button mushrooms (preferably organic)


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