Time-tested HOME remedies ease COVID-19 symptoms

The “tripledemic” is upon us again.

That’s what health “experts” call cold, flu, and COVID-19 season. (Though maybe it should be considered the quadruple-demic, with the circulation of respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, too.)

Nonetheless, these viruses all have one thing in common: they cause miserable symptoms that leave victims hunting for anything that can help ease their suffering.

Well, everything old is new again!

Let me explain…

Cheap, simple, and effective

According to brand-new research, that timeless home remedy of gargling with salt water and rinsing nasal passages may ease the symptoms of COVID-19…

So much so that patients could dodge hospitalization!

Researchers analyzed data from 55 adults with COVID-19. Subjects were instructed to use a low- or high-dose of saline (salt) for gargling and rinsing passages, four times each day for two weeks.

(The low dose was equivalent to about one-third of a tablespoon of salt and the high dose was about 1 teaspoon, both dissolved in eight ounces of warm water.)

Ultimately, this simple, cost-efficient method was SO effective that hospitalization rates were significantly lower among any adults who gargled and rinsed—regardless of the saline dose!

Of course, infectious-disease experts uninvolved in the study stressed that these methods should never be used as a substitute for vaccination or pharmaceutical treatment.

But as always, YOU decide what’s best for YOU—and be sure to contact your doctor for additional guidance.

Because if a natural, time-honored home remedy has the potential to help… by all means, I say give it a try.

Gargle, rinse, repeat?

As your grandmother may have told you, this remedy has been used traditionally for ages. And it’s still used quite commonly, worldwide, for its simplicity and potential effectiveness.

Better still, salt is cheap and plentiful!

If you’re going to do this at home, I urge you to buy a sterile saline solution.

If not, at least boil the water first, let it cool until it’s warm, and then add the salt. (This is important because the nasal passages are prone to infection from contaminants that may be in your water.)

Also, you might consider alternating the gargling and rinsing. For example:

  • Gargle for one minute
  • Run water through your nose using a neti pot
  • Gargle for another minute

(Then, if you can tolerate it, run any remaining water through your nose a second time.)

Now, this can be uncomfortable, so don’t force yourself to do the nasal rinse a second time. And if you don’t have a neti pot—first and foremost, I recommend getting one.

Otherwise, you can hold one nostril closed with your finger, pour the water into the other nostril, and switch. (The whole process should take no longer than five minutes.)

The effectiveness of a saline nasal rinse is also the reason I recommend using a neti pot for tackling allergies, chronic sinusitis, or any upper respiratory infection that’s viral in origin—like the common cold, flu, COVID-19, or RSV.


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