TRUTH: Do we NEED vitamin D?

Given the continued controversy surrounding vitamin D

And mainstream medicine continuously telling us it does nothing for our health…

Along comes new research to once again prove them all WRONG.

While I’m a bit tired of hearing about studies where we already know the outcome… I’ll always be happy to report on science that backs my stance on D.

Here’s the latest…

Vitamin D and inflammation

Researchers examined data from nearly 295,000 people from the U.K. Biobank, including blood levels of vitamin D and C-reactive protein (CRP), an inflammatory marker.

And a not-so-surprising trend emerged…

Being D deficient invites inflammation IN—the No. 1 root cause of disease.

In this analysis, researchers considered “normal” vitamin D blood levels to be anywhere between 30 to 100 ng/mL. (Of course, just about every study out there shows the sweet spot is 80 to 100 ng/mL, but more on that in a moment.)

In fact, as vitamin D levels increased from below normal to normal, systemic inflammation decreased. And CRP levels decreased accordingly.

Notably, increasing intake of D had no effect on CRP levels among those already maintaining “normal” blood levels.

In other words, blood levels of D are associated with CRP in a L-shaped manner.

This should mean that the mainstream can no longer deny the healing benefits of vitamin D… but you and I both know how that will play out.

Supplement wisely

The takeaway here is this: don’t be D deficient.

I suggest getting your vitamin D levels screened every six months. Just ask your physician for the 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25[OH]D) blood test. Again, I consider optimal levels to be between 80 to 100 ng/mL.

And for most, taking a high-quality D3 supplement will help reach—and maintain—those levels.

I advise taking a minimum of 50 mcg (2,000 IU) to 125 mcg (5,000 IU) of vitamin D3 daily. But some of you may need at much as 250 mcg (10,000 IU) daily to maintain optimal levels, which is actually my daily dosage.

Of course, I’m also aware that the powers-that-be are allowing insurance companies to deny payment for the 25(OH) D blood test. In fact, Medicare routinely denies covers. Even though it’s a crucial piece of the D deficiency puzzle…

I mean, you need to know your status before you can adequately supplement!

But that’s Big Pharma for you. And you can bet this is just another way of keeping people sick to make more money.

My advice? Find a doctor that will add this screen to your annual physical… and then, put up a fight if your coverage gets denied.

And if you haven’t already, add vitamin D3 to your supplement regimen.

Until next time,
Dr. Fred

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