Trying to lose weight? AVOID this popular ingredient

The powers-that-be are always the last ones to the table when it comes to giving proper dietary advice.

I’m not sure whether that’s because of special interest lobbying groups, or simply because they have to wait until things look definitive.

Either way, countless people have suffered at their slow uptake of helpful scientific information regarding nutrition.

That said, I’m happy that the World Health Organization (WHO) finally issued some major guidance for those trying to lose weight…

Urging individuals to AVOID the use of heavily marked products aimed towards dieters and diabetics alike.

A deadly addiction

It’s a bad time to be a sugar substitute.

After all, I recently told you about how sucralose can damage our DNA.

And now? Non-sugar sweeteners (NNS) do not “confer any long-term benefit in reducing body fat in adults or children.”

Well, well, well. How many times have I said that!? But wait, it gets better

The evidence suggests many potential undesirable effects of NNS, like type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, and more.

Just what we need, more people suffering from the leading cause of death—heart disease.

Of course, the naysayers came out in droves. After all, sugar is too sacred a subject to tackle without a fight.

The Calorie Control Council—now there’s an organization that has scientifically outlived its usefulness—is saying that no-calorie sweeteners are a critical tool for those trying to lessen their intake.

Do we still have “the world is flat council,” too? I mean, come ON!

For one, I have debunked the “calories in, calories out” theory countless times. It has nothing to do with weight management.

And second, it’s high time we try to stop people’s addiction to sugar, is it not? I mean, the white stuff is linked to countless health-harming effects.

Overcome your sweet tooth

NNS are in countless foods and drinks. Plus, people quite literally POUR them into beverages!

And worse yet, since 2015 when the WHO issued guidelines to reduce sugar intake, the interest in these types of sugar substitutes SKYROCKETED.

It truly saddens me to know that, as a nation, we are so addicted to the sweet stuff that we’re willing to consume CHEMICALS in order to satisfy that craving.

I have said this a million times… if we can regulate tobacco, cigarettes, and drugs—we can certainly learn how to down-regulate our dependence on sugar!

For Pete’s sake, many people learned how to cook without salt (another misguided dietary rule), so we can certainly learn how to live with less sugar in our lives. This is something I’ve been preaching—and teaching—my entire career!

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