[URGENT] Put DOWN that plastic water bottle

I have discussed the countless dangers of plastic on many occasions.

Not just because plastic is destroying the planet…

But mostly, because it’s destroying our health.

Sadly, it gets increasingly harder to avoid this toxic threat. But here’s why you should TRY…

Plastic, plastic, everywhere

Many people have taken up the habit of carrying plastic water bottles everywhere they go.

I’ve never jumped on that bandwagon because, last time I checked, we live in a country where water is clean, safe, and available to drink just about everywhere. (I do take water with me when I’m exercising, but I only ever use water in a box or glass container.)

Not to mention, the threat lurking INSIDE those water bottles is real.

According to a new study, scientists detected 100,000 nanoplastic molecules per liter of water inside those plastic bottles.

And because of their small size, these particles pose an even greater risk to our health, as they can enter our bloodstream, cells, and vital organs (like our brain)!

(I was shocked when I read that, too! Hence why I try my hardest, and will try even harder, to avoid plastic at all costs, especially when it comes to possible ingestion.)

Of course, we’ve been discussing microplastics for a while now. When plastic breaks down, they form tiny particles called microplastics.

These are found in polar ice, soil, drinking water, food, even the air we breathe. As such, they’ve been found in our organs, including the lungs and liver. And their full effect on human health and ecosystems has yet to be determined.

But these nanoplastics are seemingly more innocuous…

Tiny, terrifying infiltrators

Nanoplastics are formed when microplastics start to decompose.

And recently, researchers discovered just how dire that threat is.

While we’re already linked ill-health effects to microplastics, as I mentioned, nanoplastics are so tiny, they can infiltrate our body even further.

Are you ready to reconsider that plastic water bottle now?

Folks, you might think it’s a healthy habit. But that water bottle contains tons of chemicals, like polyamide, polyethylene terephthalate, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, and methyl methacrylate.

That means you’re drinking those chemicals… and their tiny byproducts… one sip at a time. And I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg.

For years we’ve been wondering why people are sicker and why fertility rates are down… could this be part of the answer? (I bet you know what I’m thinking.)

And it’s not just your water bottle. You need to take a look at your utensils, food containers, and more. Please start using glass, stainless steel, wood… anything other than plastic.


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