My ultimate guide to longevity

I recently had a pretty remarkable work week.

I saw six patients in their mid-90s.

And get this…

They all arrived to my office independently. (Sure, two of them had walkers. But only to help safely navigate the hustle and bustle of the main streets of New York City. You don’t want to get knocked down out there!)

Anyway. This got me thinking…

There probably aren’t many practices out there that can say such a thing. I’m not a gerontologist (someone who specializes in older people). Yet, I see many seniors.

So, what do these patients have in common?

Here’s what sticks out…

Maintain, maintain, maintain

Naturally, the first thing that came to mind is this: They’re MY patients.

And—with the exception of one of these particular six, who has “only” been my patient for 23 years—they have all been seeing me for my entire 30+ year career.

It’s not that I perform miracles. But I do have a certain way of evaluating patients.

See, I aim to find trouble before it ensues, rather than trying to fix something that’s already broken.

It’s the same approach many people use when caring for a house or car… you want to keep everything running efficiently, making repairs along the way, in an attempt to avoid a breakdown or replacement.

Well, our bodies aren’t much different. They’re machines… complex ones with many moving parts (our ten major systems). And these “parts” have to work in tandem in order to achieve better overall health.

In other words, I do not believe in the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Because it all boils down to maintenance.

And that’s not all that these six senior patients have in common…

Health priorities

They’re each on a varied assorted group of medications, depending on underlying conditions—including hormone replacement therapy. But the main commonality is their devotion to modifying their risk factors.

So, a few health priorities emerged (and you likely won’t be surprised by them):

These patients consistently exercise. They all do anything from walking to chair yoga to some strength training… one patient even does Zumba!

They also take targeted nutritional supplements. (We work together to decide what might be right for them. And I encourage you to do the same with your physician!)

In addition, they maintain a healthy weight. And no, not because it comes natural to them, but because they actively engage in following a healthy, balanced diet. They follow a lower carbohydrate lifestyle and, for the most part, have sworn off sweets.

Plus, they commit to getting good, quality sleep each night. (Some use supplements to help catch those ZZZs.)

They have healthy bowel movements.

And finally, they each have an amazing outlook on life and the future. (Positivity goes a long way, folks!)

They aren’t content to rest on their laurels, either. They often ask, “What else can I be doing?”

So, there you have it. My key to longevity… it really is that simple!

Just follow my advice and you might just ward off those chronic conditions of “old age”…

Exercise well, supplement well, eat well, sleep well, poop well, reflect and LIVE well.