Ancient healers UNLOCKED the foundation of good health

I’ve always been a big fan of learning from the past—something we should all be interested in, as there are many lessons history teaches.

And when you refer back to the ancient healing traditions used by Hippocrates, also known as “The Father of Medicine,” and Ayurveda medicine…

There’s one thing that stands out as the foundation of good health—and combater of disease.

The importance of your gut wall

Long before it was fashionable, I took a keen interest in gut health.

It’s only now, decades after I started writing about it, that Western medicine is seeing that an unhealthy gut not only leads to digestive issues, but also chronic allergic, inflammatory, and autoimmune diseases.

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But of course, if everyone paid more attention to the lessons history can teach, we’d know a lot more about this area of health.

See, our gut is the largest interface with the external environment. It acts as a barrier that allows the absorption of healthy nutrients, while preventing the penetration of harmful microbes, antigens, and toxins.

Of course, this is often disrupted by things like aging, poor diet, lack of sleep, prescription drugs, cancer treatments, stress, chemicals, and more.

As a result, dangerous substances—like bacteria and viruses—can invade the gut wall. This activates our immune system, leading to things like irritable bowel disease (IBD), gluten intolerance, obesity, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and much more.

You may have heard this referred to as “leaky gut.” And nowadays, it’s extremely common.

When dangerous substances invade your gut

It’s not uncommon for modern medicine to shrug off symptoms of a leaky gut, or believe you can alter the course until it manifests as a disease. (Because then they can “treat” it with pharmaceutical interventions!)

But I have thousands of patients who can report just the opposite…

That’s because, in my experience, diet is the typical, leading cause of an imbalanced, dysfunctional gut. (At the very least, it contributes.)

See, the Standard American Diet, appropriately abbreviated as “SAD,” emphasizes ultra-processed, pesticide- and chemical-laced foods. And as I’ve reported countless times, these substances have no place whatsoever in the human body, as they contribute to many ill-effects.

The first step to rebalancing your gut, therefore, is adopting a healthy, whole foods diet.

I promote Mediterranean-style diets that focus on grass-fed and -finished beef, organic poultry, wild-caught fish and seafood, fresh produce, eggs, nuts and seeds, and more. (In short, shop the perimeter of your grocery store, which hosts fresh food—versus the center aisles, which are chock-full of packaged poisons.)

Another option is undergoing food insensitivity or intolerance testing. (I’ve been using these with my patients for my entire career.) And now, finally, studies confirm that exposure to food antigens cause breaks in the gut lining. This leads to inflammation in the gut mucosal barrier, or leaky gut. (Both of which can be improved when offending foods are eliminated.)

Many functional doctors will do tons of expensive testing to prove this point, but it’s often no more complicated that a simple insensitivity test and discussion surrounding nutrition. (I’m a believer in simplicity.)

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