Are YOU a “weekend warrior?” (Uh-oh!)

You already know how beneficial exercise is to good health.

And while I’m totally FOR creating and reaching exercise goals

The mainstream continues to hone in on ALL the wrong points.

See, they want anyone who struggles to remain physically active to consider becoming a “weekend warrior”—basically, when you cram any and all exercise into a two-day period.

But there’s a downside to this approach that researchers FAIL to mention…

Stop muddying the waters

You’d have to live on the moon to not know that moderate- to vigorous-intensity exercise supports heart health.

It’s also well known that the federal recommendation is 150 minutes (around 2.5 hours) of physical activity each week for the greatest protection.

But, do you care HOW you achieve that goal? Neither do I.

Yet, the mainstream wants to control EVERYTHING—and they’ll spend MILLIONS in order to do just that…

Case in point: A recent study suggests that achieving that weekly amount in just two “weekend warrior” sessions will still cut cardiovascular disease risk.

In fact, researchers saw a reduction in risk for atrial fibrillation, heart attack, stroke, and heart failure over a median follow-up of just over six years.

That’s great news! But it’s NOT the most important takeaway.

Let me explain…

Move when and where you can

Exercise supports health in various ways. And it’s essential for many metabolic dysfunctions, to boot.

So, ideally, it should be spread out… NOT squished into a one- to two-day period.

If anything, a “weekend warrior” approach encourages more sedentary behavior—the very thing we’re trying to AVOID by providing physical activity guidelines.

So, allow me to be clear and not dogmatic like my conventional medicine counterparts…

The most important thing here is that you MOVE your body as often as possible. It can be for five minutes at a timeup to a million.

Just do it when and where you can, ideally every single day, and stop worrying about all the specifics.

Because all of these “groundbreaking” studies show the same thing…

That the VOLUME of activity, not the pattern, makes the most difference.

Every minute counts. Start slow… keep building… and watch your health SOAR.


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