Blue light: More and more DANGEROUS

I often talk about how blue light is a major sleep disruptor.

This is the light emitted from your television, computer, tablet, phone… basically, all of the electronic devises many of us are borderline addicted to.

But have you ever wondered what daily, lifelong exposure does to your health?

Well, a new study suggests the detrimental effects could worsen with each passing year.

Let me explain…

Blue light could be lethal

Researchers from Oregon State University examined the effects of prolonged blue light exposure among fruit flies.

(Fruit flies share cellular and developmental mechanisms with humans, suggesting similar effects may be observed in people.)

At first, the flies were kept in total darkness. As they got older, they were moved to an environment with constant blue light from LED bulbs.

Then, researchers analyzed blue light’s effect  on the fruit flies’ mitochondria.

(Mitochondria are the powerhouses of cells. Like every other cell in the body, they’re recycled and changed over time—but the process slows as we age. This is one way that muscles become less functional over time.)

Ultimately, the longer the fly was exposed to blue light, the shorter their lifespan, compared to flies kept in total darkness or in an environment that filtered out any blue light.

In addition, their locomotion was hindered. Researchers believe this was due to blue light’s affect on eye and brain health.

Natural protection from this daily threat

We already know that, with enough exposure, blue light can actively fade your vision and kill off eye cells.

Now, this new research suggests it may affect cognition, to boot!

So, how can you protect yourself from this daily threat?

At nighttime: Keep it dark. I personally use blackout shades and a sleep mask for added darkness.

During the day: Don’t be afraid to dim your electronic devices to a warmer hue to give your eyes a break. On that note, build in regular breaks from electronics, whenever possible. You can even try some stylish blue light glasses (these glasses are designed to block blue light).

Routine maintenance: Get your eyes examined regularly. And… eat your greens! Kale, spinach and collard greens contain the highest amount of lutein and zeaxanthin, the antioxidants responsible for absorbing harmful blue light.

To learn more about how to protect yourself from our constant-yet-harmful exposure to blue light, I encourage you to check out my Ageless Vision Protocol. To learn more about this innovative, online learning tool—or to enroll today—click here now!

Until next week,
Dr. Fred


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