Boycotting DIABETES can be FUN (and easy!)

Your genome isn’t a crystal ball. And your family history isn’t doomed to repeat itself.

That is, NOT if you’re dedicated to changing the story.

I often tell you that your lifestyle choices can MAKE or BREAK you.

And that’s especially true when it comes to boycotting diabetes.

In fact, a new study found maintaining healthy blood sugar levels—despite being predisposed to Type 2 diabetes—can be fun… and easy!

A whopping 75 percent lower risk

Researchers analyzed how lifestyle habits influenced diabetes risk in just under 59,500 adults gathered from the U.K. Biobank.

Subjects were instructed to wear accelerometers to track activity levels. Then, researchers touched base with them over several years (up to seven).

Of course, it’s no surprise that unhealthy habits—like leading a sedentary lifestyle—were linked to a heightened risk of disease, including Type 2 diabetes.

But it turns out, moderate-intensity exercise—like gardening, dancing, and brisk walking—delivered ROBUST protection…

SLASHING diabetes risk up to a whopping 75 percent.

Not bad for adding just a little movement to your daily routine!

Make it work for YOU

Moderate-intensity exercise includes any activity that boosts heart rate, slightly increases your breathing, and allows you to generate a light sweat.

So, find an activity that fits the bill and is fun for YOU. Then, add it to your daily routine.

After all, an estimated 537 million adults worldwide suffer from Type 2 diabetes. And those with a genetic predisposition are 2.4 times more likely to land on a diagnosis.

But, as this study shows, moving your body every day might be the best “medicine” for prevention.

Not to mention, regular exercise offers whole-body health benefits, from head to toe.

If you’re someone who thinks of exercise as “boring” or “daunting”—or if you’re simply “in a rut”—I have good news…

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