Could your STATIN cause diabetes and blindness?

Let’s talk about one of my least favorite medications out there…


Not only do they cause harm to our brains, muscles, organs, and more…

But for DECADES they were prescribed for all the wrong reasons, giving Big Pharma a big WIN.

Of course, now, patents are waning. So, clinical trials are underway to see which statin medication is better.

And, unsurprisingly, some pretty disturbing health connections are being uncovered.

Let me explain…

Missing the forest for the trees

Results from the LODESTAR trial show that rosuvastatin (Crestor) and atorvastatin (Lipitor) have similar clinical efficacy rates against the effects of coronary artery disease (CAD).

However, the former was linked to a 39 percent higher incidence of new-onset diabetes, requiring medical treatment…

And a 66 percent higher risk of cataracts, the leading cause of vision loss.

While the researchers are uncertain why one statin might contribute to diabetes and another wouldn’t, they are at least clear on the cataracts-link.

It has to do with rosuvastatin’s more potent LDL cholesterol lowering mechanism, which prevents epithelial cell development within the crystalline lens.

In other words, we KNOW this drug interferes with normal cell development

But we’re okay with that?

And let me just say, if it’s happening in the eyes, it’s most certainly happening elsewhere in the body!

Why are these drugs on the market again? Or are these really acceptable risks in place of experiencing detrimental effects of CAD, like premature death, heart attack, stroke, stents, or bypass surgery?

The link is inflammation

Let me end with this…

Greater LDL cholesterol lowering did NOT translate to fewer clinical events. Yet many cardiologists remain obsessed about lowering that so-called “bad” cholesterol number!

Meanwhile, there’s so much evidence to suggest that—for people already on statin therapy—inflammation (not cholesterol) is the bigger contributor to cardiovascular-related health risks and events.

(PLEASE tell this to your cardiologist the next time they recommend upping your statin regimen!)

The bottom line? Inflammation causes most of our diseases and the power to control inflammation rests in our hands. And controlling it will only promote better overall health. Period.

Now, there’s no drug that can do tackle inflammation. (Hence why Big Pharma pays it no mind. There’s nothing in it for them!)

But there ARE effective strategies for fighting it, safely and naturally. Click here to access my Essential Guide to Combating Inflammation.


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