Do or diet

Should auld acquaintance be forgot… Happy New Year!!!!

Well, I’m not sure about forgetting old acquaintances. But I do think we should try to forget some of our poor eating habits.

This is the beginning of what people in my business call “dieting season.” Of course, it doesn’t really get going until March, when the crunch is on to lose weight before bikini season.

But, to me there really shouldn’t be a “season” to lose weight.

That implies that we lose weight only to gain it again. And that makes no sense to me.

Actually, I find it a rather indulgent way of living. One that doesn’t take into account the fact that yo-yo dieting is the least healthy way to live.

That’s why, for me, the most important part of any of my weight loss books has always been the weight management section. In other words, how to keep off the weight you’ve lost.

That is the critical part of any diet. And it’s probably why The Hamptons Diet, while a best seller around the world, never made it to the stratosphere of “diet books.”

Because it is the one book that tells the truth.

It doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear. And it doesn’t just teach you how to lose weight.

It teaches you how to live.

I have always said that losing weight is easy. Just look at how many diets are out there–Hollywood Cookie, Grapefruit, Cabbage Soup. You can lose weight doing just about anything.

I may have already told you this, but in medical school, I went on a “French fry and chocolate pudding diet.” And later I tried the “egg white and spinach” diet.

And guess what? I lost weight on both of those diets. But I never kept the weight off. Not until I discovered the New Hamptons Health Miracle.

It wasn’t until I committed to this new lifestyle 100 percent that I successfully managed my weight. And now, I continue to do it effortlessly.

I don’t crave junk every day. I don’t want to deviate from how I eat. I have a ton of energy, my skin looks great, and I have never felt better.

All it came down to was commitment.

We commit to so many things in our lives without thinking twice–our kids, our families, our jobs. Things that are far more difficult to commit to than eating right.

And we do it without even thinking about it.

That is how healthy eating needs to be ingrained in your life. So you do it unconsciously. Effortlessly. And with every part of your being.

So if you’re ready to lose weight, do yourself a favor. Don’t resolve to go on a diet.

The average New Year’s resolution lasts only 11 days. But true change? It lasts a lifetime.