Eating THIS for breakfast does WHAT? (Weight loss hack!)

Just yesterday we talked about weight-loss drugs that continuously make headlines, like Ozempic.

These drugs are actually glucagon-like peptine-1 (GLP-1) agonists. Meaning they stimulate the pancreas to release insulin, which helps push sugar out of your blood and into your tissues.

(That’s why they’re prescribed for Type 2 diabetes.)

Plus, by mimicking GLP-1—a hormone your body produces in response to eating—these drugs help you eat less. Because the more GLP-1 in your system, the less hungry you feel.

Well—what if eating THIS for breakfast could offer similar benefits?

No prescription required

Americans love to indulge. And when it comes to breakfast, many folks eat things like doughnuts, French toast, pancakes, cereal, and bagels.

But it’s a vicious cycle.

You feel hungry… you eat… and you keep eating.

Why? Because these examples of refined carbs are slow to digest. Meaning the GLP-1 they create can’t signal to your brain fast enough that you’re full.

So, you overindulge. And for many, the result is prediabetes—if not full-blown Type 2 diabetes—and obesity.

But if you rethink that breakfast menu… you might be able to harness the power of those GLP-1 agonist drugs—stabilizing blood sugar and increasing feelings of satiety (fullness).

No prescription required.

Jumpstart your day

According to Dr. Alpana Shukla, an associate professor of research at Weill Cornell Medicine, eating vegetables and/or protein for breakfast can boost your own GLP-1.

Let’s start with veggies…

By eating vegetables first thing in the morning, you’re providing your body with fiber.

Fiber helps you to feel fuller for longer—but it also works as a filter in the intestines, helping to decrease blood sugar spikes.

Of course, I highly recommend combining organic vegetables with a source of lean protein as a way to further amp up satiety.

This combo also helps suppress the “hunger hormone,” ghrelin. So, you’ll be less likely to overindulge.

Some of my favorite recipes that include a mixture of veggies and protein are:

  • Mexican Fried Eggs
  • Chicken Breakfast Skillet
  • Avocado Smoothie (just add a scoop of whey protein to the mixture)

You can find these delicious recipes, and many more, by ordering yourself a copy of my A-List Diet.


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