“Energy drinks” are NOT for children (WARNING)

Sometimes we all struggle to find daily motivation…

And that can be especially true during the dark days of winter.

But no matter the cause of these feelings of fatigue, there’s one thing I never condone at ANY age…

Reaching for a so-called “energy drink.”

Troubling effects among adolescents

I often preach about moderation. But one thing that doesn’t fit that bill is energy drinks.

After all, these things contain anywhere from 160-200 mg of caffeine per CAN. (By comparison, a cup of coffee contains around 80 mg.) This will impact heart rate and blood pressure, among other things.

They’re also flooded with sugar, the greatest contributor to disease in our food supply.

And worse still, they attract younger generations in DROVES.

In fact, it’s estimated that 30 percent of 12- to 17-year-olds consume them regularly!

That’s a disaster waiting to happen…

In fact, an analysis looked at 1.2 million children and young adults from more than 21 countries. Ultimately, startling, yet not-so-surprising, links were uncovered between energy drink consumption and other questionable behaviors…

Like smoking, binge drinking, and more.

Not to mention, consumption often led to impaired sleep and academic performance, an increased risk of suicide, psychological distress, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms, insulin resistance, dental problems, and more.

So, it’s really no wonder why more than 40 health organizations in the U.K. are calling on policymakers to deter this behavior by restricting sales to those under the age of 16.

Natural motivation

If you have grandchildren who slug energy drinks, I encourage you to help them understand the health risks of staying “on trend.”

But the same holds true for yourself or a loved one. The health risks of energy drinks spread across ALL ages—and just 24 ounces could take you down.

Instead, look for ways to amp up your energy levels… naturally.

I always find staying hydrated and engaging in daily exercise keeps me going. And I certainly encourage you to suggest these sensible lifestyle habits to the younger generations in your life.

But if you or a loved one find you need a little extra boost, consider one of these supplements…

  • B complex. The all-important B vitamins play the single most important role in energy production. If you’re not getting enough, you will feel the effects. I recommend taking a B-100 complex every day.
  • RobuvitTM. Research shows a daily dose of this French oak extract called Robuvit can deliver dramatic improvements to energy levels and mood in as little as four weeks! I recommend 300 mg daily.


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