Have FUN and save your BRAIN

Who doesn’t want to slow down their rate of cognitive decline…

And keep those memories intact and active?

Well, a new study suggests having FUN might make all the difference.

Let me explain…

Have a little fun

Researchers looked at the impact of board games among older adults at risk of, or with, mild cognitive impairment (MCI).

Over three to four months, participants played chess, Mahjong (similar to Rummikub), or Go (similar to Risk) for about one hour at a time, once or twice weekly.

Ultimately, researchers found a positive association between playing these games… and safeguarding cognition.

Turns out, playing Go was linked with improved working memory. Playing Mahjong helped improve executive functioning and temporarily plunged depressive symptoms. And chess players reported an improved quality of life.

Not to mention, for elderly people—who tend to be more isolated as it is—playing a board game offers a layer of social interaction that might not otherwise exist.

In fact, one Japanese study included a control group that did tai chi—and compared it against a group who played Go by themselves on a tablet, and a group who played Go with others.

Both Go groups benefitted cognitively, but participants who played together reaped the highest benefit (and improved the most)!

So really, having FUN boosts your health in two major ways…

By protecting your cognition and warding off feelings of isolation.

Use it or lose it

It’s interesting how these different games affected different parts of the brain.

That’s why I’m always encouraging you to engage YOUR brain in different ways, too. And playing a variety of games is an excellent, enjoyable way to do just that.

(Plus, with the internet, you can play games with people from all over the world!)

After all, playing a board game involves concentration, strategy, and intermittent rewards—all of which are good for the brain.

Not to mention, these games are typically timed, which engages brain speed and processing. Plus, there’s often a winner and loser, which pulls on emotions (also good for the brain).

See, the brain, being the brain, will start building new neurons and networks so it gets stronger the more you engage it. Don’t you think building the brain is better than losing brain cells/power by letting it sit idle?

As for me, I do crossword puzzles, a spelling bee, and connections daily. I also get together with friends for poker nights and a game very similar to Mahjong.

How will YOU start engaging your brain?

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