Ignored SENSE increases DEMENTIA risk?

One of our five senses is often overlooked…

Sitting on the backburner until it’s too far gone.

But ignoring it could impact many other facets of health…

Even increasing risk of dementia

A clear, strong link

I’m talking about hearing.

As I’ve reported before, many primary care physicians skip right over a hearing test during their typical exam.

And that’s a huge shortcoming.

After all, research suggests individuals with hearing loss expel more energy trying to listen, interpret, and respond—lessening the ability to perform other cognitive functions and, perhaps, increasing the risk of dementia.

In fact, one of the largest studies to date on the subject found a clear link.

Researchers analyzed data from just over 573,000 participants, all 50 years and older, who were not diagnosed with dementia at study outset.

Then, between 2003 and 2017, they collected and compared data on participant’s hearing and the development of dementia before landing on a clear link between the two.

Those with severe hearing loss were the most likely to develop dementia, experiencing a 20 percent heightened risk.

Not to mention, hearing loss was generally connected to a seven percent increased risk of dementia.

Prioritize your hearing

These findings serve as a gentle reminder to prioritize having your hearing tested every three years after age 50. (Prior to 50, it’s recommended to get a hearing test every 10 years.)

Routine screening will help you spot any EARLY declines in auditory function, giving you more time to take action before it impacts other areas of your health, like cognitive function.

If your primary care physician doesn’t administer hearing tests, ask them for a referral to an audiologist.

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