NOT prioritizing sleep could be a DEATH sentence

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

“Sleep is for the weak.”

NOT getting enough sleep is worn as a badge of honor for far too many folks.

But, as I’ve told you many times before, getting good, quality shuteye—night after night—is essential to optimal health.

After all, the above mentality will eventually KILL you.

Let me explain…

Slash all-cause mortality by 40 percent

According to new research, maintaining a healthy sleep schedule may slash your risk of premature death.

Researchers analyzed data from nearly 1,800 adults and grouped them into two categories…

Regular-optimal sleepers or irregular-insufficient sleepers.

(The first group maintained regular bedtimes and wake times. The second group did not.)

Ultimately, regular-optimal sleepers had close to a 40 percent LOWER risk of dying from any cause during a seven-year follow-up period, compared to irregular-insufficient sleepers.

40 percent!!

Do you think there’s a real connection? I know I do.

Better sleep can save lives

In my view, it’s becoming increasingly clear that irregular sleep can cause the main illnesses that Americans deal with on an epidemic proportion. These are—most prominently—cardiometabolic disease, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

So, I guess in some ways, results like these enrage me.

Not because of what they mean, but because the mainstream STILL misses simple, clear messaging opportunities—when such messages could quite literally save lives.

It angers me that businesses can’t make a profit when we’re sleeping so, therefore, sleep isn’t routinely encouraged. Instead, it’s an afterthought for many people who sleep for however much time happens to be “leftover” at the end of their busy day.

Now, I realize that, because I have an advanced degree in public health, I tend to think about how to make health easier to attain and manage for everyone, not just an individual.

Well, the truth is, every single one of us can benefit from a good night’s sleep. And it’s high time that we ALL make sleep a priority.

Our bodies have an internal clock, known as the circadian rhythm, which regulates many different biological processes, including sleep-wake cycles. Sticking to a consistent sleep schedule allows your body to align its natural rhythm with the external day-night cycle.

After all, being in sync with your own body not only promotes better quality sleep, but also… better health.

To learn more about the importance of maintaining a regular sleep schedule, check out my Perfect Sleep Protocol.

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