One factor that could make or break your diet’s success

There’s a growing amount of research supporting the connection between your individual microbiome and your overall health.

And this is one aspect of wellness that you have absolute control over.

You can change your microbiome for the better not just by making the right food choices, but by making the right supplement choices, too.

I’m talking about probiotics, of course. I recommend them all the time for a reason. Many reasons, actually. One of them being that a daily dose of good bacteria has the power to make or break your weight loss efforts.

A team of Chinese researchers recently conducted a meta-analysis of 25 different trials investigating the link between probiotic use and BMI. Data came from nearly 2,000 subjects.

Results showed that regular probiotic consumption reduced body weight significantly. And maybe more importantly, this study showed that probiotics featuring multiple strains of bacteria were significantly more effective than single-strain choices. (In fact, the latter didn’t result in any meaningful weight loss at all.)

This isn’t the least bit surprising to me. I’ve been talking about the importance of microbial diversity for years. And this isn’t the first study to show that it makes all the difference.

Dr. Ohhira’s has always been my top recommendation for this very reason. It features 10 different strains of live bacteria (among other unique features). But with growing awareness of the benefits of good bacteria, you’re going to see more and more products out there that claim to be the best.

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