The “hangover cure” you need to know about — even if you don’t drink

As you well know by now, I am a big fan of regular detoxes. With all the toxins our bodies face every day — from environmental pollution to the junk in the food we eat and the water we drink — our bodies are lifting a heavy load.

So every few months, I recommend a dedicated period of cleansing. It’s sort of a reset, so your body can continue running on all cylinders throughout the rest of the year.

I incorporated a detox into the A-List Diet for that very reason. It’s one that I worked out with my patients over my many years in practice. It works for them — and now it’s working for the thousands of people around the globe who have picked up their copy of the A-List Diet.

Since the detox protocol is such an important part of the A-List Diet (and any diet you happen to follow), I thought I would write today about a product that plays a big role in your body’s detoxification processes.

As I was sitting down to write this newsletter, I realized that I haven’t written about this nutritional supplement in a while. But an excellent study was just recently published about it, so I want to share it with you.

The supplement is called Robuvit®, and it’s an extract of French Oak. According to the new research, Robuvit® boosts liver function for faster recovery from the effects of alcohol.

Now, this study looked specifically at hangover recovery, but the findings have farther-reaching implications. Sadly, given the way many Americans eat and drink, the “temporary” effect of a hangover is actually far from temporary. Robuvit® can help with the ongoing onslaught of toxins are bodies are subjected to.

Previous research has shown that Robuvit® can increase liver enzyme capacity. Which is important, since that’s necessary for neutralizing waste materials efficiently.

The liver is the powerhouse of our body’s detoxification system. When it’s running at full speed, it breaks down waste and other toxins (including alcohol).

Here’s how: The liver processes, sorts, alters, and detoxifies the substances that reach it. Then those cleansed substances are released back into the bloodstream, or else they proceed to the colon for elimination.

So if we want to move toxins from our body instead of hanging onto them, we need to keep our liver functioning at its best. Especially if we’re exposing it to alcohol, prescription or over-the-counter drugs, or junk food.

In this study, which lasted 12 weeks, Robuvit® was shown to help people recover liver function after temporary, alcohol-related effects on the liver. People who were taking it had better enzyme levels, fewer free radicals, and a supported inflammatory response.

Plus, Robuvit® helped with symptoms like fatigue and nausea.

Now I don’t recommend getting a hangover to begin with, but it’s nice to know that Robuvit® is there for those occasional lapses in judgment.

And even if you never drink to excess, Robuvit® can help with the toxins you just can’t control.

With everyone on the detox bandwagon and craze, it’s important to separate the facts from the hype. And this is one supplement that actually has enough science behind it that I’m able to recommend it for just about anyone undertaking a detox. But it also helps support healthy liver function on a day-to-day basis, as well.

In fact, I believe Robuvit is such a critical part of a comprehensive supplement regimen, I worked with my NuLogic Nutritionals team to offer it at a discounted rate for a limited time. For the next few days, you can get 25% off your Robuvit order. (Click here for more information or to place an order.)

Unfortunately, we can’t keep the sale going for long, so I encourage you to stock up…Your liver will thank you for it!