The Love Train

When I was a kid, this was definitely one of my favorite songs.  Actually, I used to be really into the subway too.  I loved standing in the front car and watching the tracks whiz by.  I guess there were always a lot of train metaphors in my life and this is going to be another.

The holiday season is always an extremely stressful time for many – choosing the right gifts, spending money you may not have, seeing relatives you would rather they not exist – can bring us back to old behaviors that are just easier, and more comfortable.  And usually those old ways are not the healthiest.

Just so you don’t think I am a saint, I too can suffer from the worries and anxieties of doing my best to maintain a healthy structure when faced with adverse circumstances.  And while you may not consider having your ipad Verizon app stop working an adverse circumstance, to me, it almost had devastating effects on my last trip.

While that did happen and having to make some changes in my office, I was faced with a true dilemma. After almost 2.5 years of working with my trainer, that situation became impossible to maintain. That combined with the hurricane left me in almost a PTSD situation.  Nothing felt right.

When faced with that, it is easy to derail (I told you that train metaphor would get in here somewhere), lose your way and revert back to bad behaviors.  However, I was determined not to stop exercising although it would have been the easy way out until I found someone new.  Instead, I reached down into that inner strength we carry with us and decided I had learned a lot in that time and I would just do it myself.

For me to exercise by myself goes against every grain in my nature – sort of how Kim and NeNe hate each other this season on #RHOA; but, I persevered and have begun doing it.

So, while those holiday parties and holiday cheer turns into holiday fear of gaining weight, dig deep into the resolve you have been working on all year.  Don’t be one of those Americans who gains ten pounds between now and the New Year.  I challenge you to lose weight or at the very least not to gain.  After all, don’t you want to look good for the holiday season and not have to wear your “big girl” clothes because as Laura Kathleen said, “I am not designing clothes for the fat farmers of America,” on #PRALLSTARS.

This week, its all about not derailing, maintaining your integrity, and reaching for your inner strength.  Or we could be like Naomi from 90210 who when faced with the possibility of going camping, her response was: “you mean outside, like homeless people.”

I can kind of relate but I would ride the rails like a hobo.

Until next time…..