This diet delivers a health-packed PUNCH

Diet, in our modern world, seem to be one of the biggest trends.

After all, we have a diet for just about every way of eating imaginable—from plant-based, to vegan, to high protein, low-fat… you name it.

We even still have the dogmatic powers-that-be trying to convince people that an egg will kill them…

As a reader of mine, you already know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

But—especially when compared to misguided low-fat diet advice—it’s always worth pointing out this diet always wins the prize.

Delicious blood sugar control

Much research has gone into low-carb diets. And most of it has turned out very positive.

In a recent analysis, researchers analyzed how a low-carb, high-fat breakfast (focused around eggs) affected blood sugar control in diabetics, compared to a standard, low-fat breakfast (with no/minimal eggs).

But before I reveal the results, think about this…

Do you feel hungrier after eating pancakes or a bagel for breakfast… or after you eat bacon and eggs?

Because while keeping hunger at bay is important for those of us trying to maintain our weight, it’s super important for type 2 diabetics.

It turns out, eating a meal with more protein and fat can limit high and low blood sugar spikes.

And in this study, it helped diabetics control their blood sugar throughout the day, especially in those who struggle with high blood sugar in the morning.

Eat wisely

Naturally, the researchers explained that a complete diet overhaul isn’t necessary. Rather, individuals should adjust the carb content of one meal a day.

Huh? This is contradictory to their very own findings, which suggest consuming a low-fat, high-carb meal appears to cause the highest blood sugar spike—and leads to worse blood sugar control throughout the day.

Infuriating, isn’t it? This is why we, as a country, simply cannot get a grip on the growing rate of diabetes.

As I always tell you, we EAT our way into disease. But we can also eat our way OUT.

I’m still not sure why the medical establishment refuses to promote a low-carb lifestyle for those with metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes. Study after study has proven it works.

So, instead, I’ll advocate for it, time and time again.

Now, using the breakfast choices from this study, what sounds healthier for blood sugar control—a three egg omelet with spinach (8 grams of carbs), or a small blueberry muffin and a small, plain Greek yogurt (56 grams of carbs)?

I know which one I’m choosing…

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