Tough to spell, smart to take: A natural way to protect your brain—and much more

As you know, I love sharing revolutionary health information with you the moment I get it. And I just read a study that revealed some pretty exciting news about one of my favorite traditional Chinese remedies—Panax notoginseng.

I won’t ask you to spell it, but I will ask you to take it. Especially after the results of this new study.

Researchers from the University of Michigan found that Panax notoginseng (also called Tienchi ginseng) has “antioxidant effects which may be neuroprotective in neurological disorders.”

They tested Panax notoginseng’s ability to protect brain cells from oxidative stress. And not only did it protect brain cells from harmful reactive oxygen species (ROS), but it actually led to a 23-percent reduction in brain cell death.[1]

This is major stuff.

We’re talking protection from the damage caused by stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and traumatic brain injury, not to mention just “everyday” damage caused by oxidative stress and the resulting ROS.

Of course this antioxidant effect isn’t limited to your brain. Panax notoginseng can also protect you against free radical damage that can lead to a variety of other illnesses.

And that’s not the only benefit to taking Panax notoginseng. There are lots of others…

For instance, in one study, subjects who took 1,350 mg of Panax notoginseng per day for a month experienced improved endurance, enhanced aerobic capacity, and lower overall blood pressure.[2]

And a Chinese study published last year showed that Panax notoginseng significantly improves kidney function. This finding is particularly important because, as I told you back in the August 2012 issue, the rate of kidney disease in the U.S. is skyrocketing in recent years.*

Other benefits of Panax notoginseng include its natural blood thinning capabilities, as well as overall anti-inflammatory qualities.[3],[4]

That last benefit is worth a second read—because it’s really the most universally important. Why? Well, as I’ve said before, virtually every illness is the result of inflammation.

Which is what makes Panax notoginseng such a powerful, protective tool. I recommend 100 mg per day.

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