Walk it off

When you’re up against cancer, the mere thought of getting out of bed and taking a brisk walk might sound exhausting. Especially in the wake of energy-robbing chemotherapy treatments.

But research shows that this is precisely when aerobic exercise is most important. In fact, it might be the simple secret to shaking off cancer-related fatigue.

As part of a new Cochrane review, researchers pooled data from over 30 studies including more than 2500 participants. These studies measured the value of exercise programs against cancer-related fatigue when compared to a control.

Workouts ranged from walking to weight training, with sessions lasting anywhere from 10 minutes to two hours.

Results found that physical activity can give your energy a significant boost both during cancer treatment and well after. And aerobic exercise–like cycling or a simple walk–is the most effective at reducing fatigue.

The takeaway? If you’ve got cancer, it’s time to get moving today. Just put your sneakers on and go walking… in a winter wonderland.

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