Waste not, want not

As you may know, I am a big fan of Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics.

Dr. Ohhira’s features prebiotics, probiotics, and bacteriocins–amongst other great properties. All of these components result from its unique fermentation process. And you won’t typically find them in other probiotic products.

Simply put, Dr. Ohhira’s stands out because it delivers multiple components that help to nurture a diverse bacterial environment in your gut. And as I’ve explained in the past, this is by far the smartest and most effective strategy when it comes to probiotic design.

That’s why this latest bit of research caught my attention. It speaks directly to what Dr. Ohirra’s is already doing–and to what I hope to see more product developers do in the future.

Scientists have found that mushroom waste–that is, the hard bases or “stipes” that are removed during harvest–also has potential as an effective source of prebiotics.

Specifically, the polysaccharides from the mushrooms interact with bacteria to keep probiotics alive longer. This benefit comes in handy both during storage and when probiotics encounter gastric and bile acids during digestion.

According to these latest findings, using mushroom waste in probiotic design could seriously boost the shelf life and gut benefits of any given formula. Now… can you guess what product already does this?

That’s right–Dr. Ohhira’s.

So if you’re not already taking it, now’s the perfect time to start.

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