Why exercise is a must for people with diabetes and prediabetes

I know, I know, if you had a dollar for every time I told you to exercise, you could buy yourself a golden treadmill.

But there’s a reason I talk so much about exercise. It’s because it’s impossible to be healthy without it. No exaggeration.

That’s especially true for people with blood sugar problems.

And a recent randomized, controlled trial illustrates just how life-changing exercise is for people with diabetes or prediabetes.

Twenty-six participants were split into two groups to do six exercise sessions over two weeks. One group sprint interval training (SIT) and the other did moderate-intensity continuous training (MICT).

Here’s what the exercise regimens looked like: The people in the SIT group performed 4 to 6 bouts of top-speed cycling for 30 seconds followed by four minutes of recovery. The MICT group cycled for 40 to 60 minutes at 60 percent intensity.

The researchers found that both types of exercise improved glucose control — and in only two weeks. Just imagine what will happen if the study participants keep up with the exercise routine after the study is over.

One thing I like about this study is that it shows that there’s not necessarily one “right” way to work out. If you prefer high-intensity workouts, great. More of the slow-and-steady type? That’s OK too. Just choose something that gets your heart rate up, strengthens those muscles, and keeps your blood sugar regulated. Then, as the saying goes, “just do it.”

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